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Postby The Architect » Mon Mar 03, 2008 12:20 pm

Kevin - I value your contribution to the Architectural community. But, having said that if you also misrepresent my words - twist them to shape your side of an argument - I will call you out too.

Is that clear? And, I hope you would do the same if I were to twist your comments/actions.

The internet is a tricky enough place as it is already - we don't need people like MX2 et al. misrepresenting others intentions and comments. If you or anyone else for that matter are to make a real difference in the Architectural community, respect what has been said and done by others within our community. Don't twist/skew/misrepresent the words and actions of others.

When MX2 decided to skew my words - of course that became my interest and led me to say:

It would be interesting, kinda, to climb inside your head to see how you so effortlessly screw-up my words - and why. But then again, I could never relate to your ignorance. No insult intended.

There is no malice in my comment. I truely would like to know his thought process. So yeah, no insult was intended. And btw Kevin, look up the word 'ignorance'. It is not as 'insulting' as you have been lead to believe. The word simply means "lack of knowledge, learning, information,".

Take care...
The Architect
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Postby Kevin » Mon Mar 03, 2008 8:42 pm

No real point in insulting him back, and not much else to be said, at this point.

"The Architect" continued his ad-hominem attacks, in lieu of intelligent or at least civil architectural discussion, and therefore has been banned from these forums.
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