To the Indians and Middle easterns on this site

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Postby csintexas » Mon Feb 26, 2007 11:19 am

I don't read everything, but I can't say I have ever seen anyone treated differently because of where they are from. There is a language barrier even trying to bridge cultural differences between English speakers is difficult.

America dummied down? Yes I am afraid that may be true. I'm for the home team though. I think we will turn it around and hopefully surprise everyone ;)
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Re: To the Indians and Middle easterns on this site

Postby yellowndgreen » Wed Jul 11, 2007 9:15 pm

ak47 wrote:I know you guys are going to bitch at me big time, but i'm going to say this, face the fact that United States is a white society. If you aren't white, sometime you just "no good enough" or "can't do what you really want to do". However, not every whites here are a little racist bitch like those in the white house or those 90% white population states.

AK47 I am half white and half Indian. I recently graduated from a small school of landscape architecture and experienced some of the worst racism I've ever seen. Design oriented disciplines in the US are dominated by whites for the most part. That being said I can't help but wonder what experience you've had that caused you to become so angry towards Whites American as an entire group. There most certainly are people with racist attitudes in most corners of the American workplace (and some educational institutions).
I believe much of this perspective comes from a lack of exposure. Some people in the program from which I recently graduated were easily swayed by a couple of unfortunate professors because of post 9/11 fears (must give some slack towards this) combined with simply a lack of exposure to other races or cultures. I'm sure you will find a place here in the US workplace where you will feel comfortable. Architectural disciplines are populated by creative people. Where there are creative people there are usually people willing to see beyond the boundaries of their own situation. Keep looking and you'll find it.
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Postby END USER » Wed Jul 18, 2007 10:11 pm

I live right in the heart of Bushville. There is no shortage of foreign nationals in commercial construction around here. The original author of this thread must be in some other community. Perhaps residential. Still a bunch of good 'ol boys here.
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