Ancient Underwater City-scapes, Visible with Google Earth?

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West of Ireland, Right side of Athena coin... maybe!

Postby Ed Ziomek » Fri Sep 18, 2009 3:23 am

To all you great persons who visit my thread, let me tell you I am ten-times overwhelmed with potential stories, where one discovery opens up 10 more doors, which open up 200 questions, which answer a myth or three. Ecstatic. Mesmerizing. Maddening too!

Some of those myths allegedly puzzled the ancients, the most important of the moment was the Atlantean story itself, which if I could sit down with Plato, I would have a serious heart-to-heart… “What part of your story is real, what part is un-real, and what part is diversionary?”

Plato had to know much more than he put on paper. In his day, city-states were fighting neighboring city-states, there was no common Greek “country”. You didn’t tell your Spartan or Macedonian neighbor what you knew, at the same time you certainly wanted to pass the bulk of the understanding down with your own culture.

Case in point is the Athena coin, and the right side which I am focusing on today as potentially Ireland.

It appears to be a human figure with outstretched arms holding something aloft, like a “head on a pike”, in the Ireland area, and including the shelf area to the West and Northwest.


I asked myself, “Would I be able to find a circular object, to the Northwest of Ireland, on the shelf area?

Under extreme color manipulation, in very faint delineations, the pure answer is yes, I found what appears to be a “head on a pike”, and another head facing it.



However, the better answer is that there appears to be several faint heads in the area, several “high ways”, both in the shelf area and on the land area. So, net, net, can I claim that it matches the Athena coin?

…I don’t know for sure, but the evidence is certainly encouraging in a positive way.

I am once again strongly suggesting Irish Universities consider this theory, and have some sharp college research person flesh it out with better equipment than I have.

25% to 35% confident on this one, Ulster, help me out here!

And Plato, let’s have a talk. For claiming to not know much about Atlantis, you seem to have explicit coins and myths from your time period, which outline, or are next to, or even BEYOND, the probable mid-Atlantic, Atlantean areas. Ireland and England are too close to not be directly involved in these legends.

You had to know this! Fess up.
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More pieces fall into place... Plato-Solon Convergence

Postby Ed Ziomek » Mon Sep 21, 2009 3:07 am

This one is self explanatory.

In further support of my present belief that the Greeks of the Classic Greek period, 400 BC, knew much more than they were admitting, I am overlaying three designs:

The first is the classic Atlantean map, overlaying the NOAA, NGDC topographic map, -slightly revised from my previous placement.


The second adds my recent Athenian helmet overlay.


And the third adds the classic statue figure of the discus figure. I asked previously, "Why would the Greeks celebrate one of their enemies in a magnificent statue", and the answer is that it is a navigation aid for their sailing fleets, and it also has a sinister side...



The discus is not a discus at all, it is the Aten sun disk theologies, which were destroyed by the cataclysmic floods. There is the fascinating side story that the concept of the sun "disk", may have been had an architectural function in that it may have motivated the farmers of the realm to build massive circular earthen dikes, to protect the inner city and temple areas from the rising mud and waters.

I sincerely believe now, that the Greek "discus statue" is an ancient religious insult, since how could this “sun disk theology”, and the Osirian theology, and the Teoti/Titan theologies be any good when its entire kingdom in the middle of the Atlantic was destroyed by mother nature herself!

I have often heard that the Egyptians did not have a meaningful “flood myth”, where in fact they disguised the extreme embarrassment of the loss of their God’s homelands with the Osirian myth of his dismemberment. His body, his theology, were mutilated, destroyed.

Anyways, the overlay is extremely fine-fitting to me, 90%+ confidence level, while I can only table these theories to be reviewed in the future by more competent authorities.

Note, I have added a red line where the “Charlie Gibbs fracture zone” connects from the mouth of the Athena helmet, to the massive, "Aten sun disk convergence area", South of Greenland. And just for fun, let me call that convergence point, the “Plato-Solon Convergence Point”.

Plato, and the Greeks, and the later Irish monks, and probably the Templars, had to know all of this.
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Congtratulation to Terry Herbert

Postby Ed Ziomek » Fri Sep 25, 2009 12:03 am

Terry Herbert, who lives in the area of Burntwood England made an amazing treasure trove discovery in a friend's field.

The gold and jewelry and ceremonial objects he found dating from the 500 AD range are unspeakably precisely made, so astonishing that I challenge any of us to try and mimic the gemstone cutting and microfine inlay work of the objects he found. ... saxon_gold

If you note, in the left window is an example of a gemstone ring, with what appears to be micro fine rubies, identically cut and shaped and inlaid, in a pattern of four shaped stones surrounded by 5 equidistant stones on the peripheral! How is this humanly possible???

Another ring showed an chess table type inlay of obsidian and ivory, - it could only been done with tweezers. How did they identically shape these stones, 1500 years ago? ... saxon_gold

Ireland, Scotland and England, because they are generally free of soil-disturbing wars like Europe, have accessible cultural histories that go back 30,000 years before what we call Atlantis. I truly believe, I am finding hints of 40,000-year-old-styles of stone "mother earth" figurines that teasingly seem to geographically match the exact same area now occupied by the Azores and British Isles.

I can only believe that since the majority of the English/Irish/Scot countrysides have not been obliterated by bulldozers, there are 100,000 more ceramic, stone, and treasure troves to be found.

Terry Herbert, congratulations!!!
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Nut-In-u-et, and Geb: Egyptian Mythology Maps

Postby Ed Ziomek » Sat Sep 26, 2009 1:09 am

Again, more surprises as the Egyptian mythology of Geb and Nut (I am pronouncing this name as “In-u-et”) seem to be overlaying the North Atlantic ocean floors, from the Azores up towards Newfoundland, Greenland, Iceland, and Ireland. Geb represented the Earth, Nut/Inuet represented the Sky.


The mythology scenes are usually sexually graphic, showing the scene of fornication between Geb and Nut, the story of creation with a depiction of the phallic “tree of life”. I am not showing that here, but show a more modest version of Geb reclining under Nut-Inuet, with Maat holding up the celestial heavens for the boat of Ra to traverse every night.


The Nut-Inuet depiction actually shows the geographic water-navigation sailing routes, one more Northerly towards Iceland, the other more Southerly route along the “Charlie Gibbs fracture zone” explained earlier.

The reclining figure of Geb and his associate Gods in attendance I believe show the land-navigation routes of the dry lands , islands, and habitats.

So both ancient land and sea navigation routes are depicted, that is the point of the mythology picture here.

Etymology Notes, mentioned earlier: Today we have the Inuit Indian tribes of Greenland, and of course you have Quebec, named as the Egyptian "Qebek", the "Great Geb", the Goose God.

I am 100% positive that this mythology design is a geographic map of the North Atlantic, and subsequent maps are less ornate, hinting to me that the mythology lost its meaning as the flood waters rose, robbing these lands of habitat areas.

However, due to the distortion of the wonderful NGDC/NOAA topographic map, I had to slightly manipulate the outlines of the Geb and Nut figures, and I am only 90% confident on the explicit placement of the arms, legs, and body parts of all the figures.

Another major item I found was the realization that the baseline of this ancient mythology actually has a physical “identicalness” to a man-made, “high-way” line from the Spain area towards the Long Island area, south of Newfoundland, Canada. Some portions are visible in Google Earth, and the major portions are visible on the NGDC/NOAA map.

20,000 years ago, these lands must have been either dry or in very shallow water, and some form of 3000 mile road/causeway must have been built.

This is all astonishing to me, I have no clear explanation for it, but since the Greeks followed the Egyptians, or evolved parallel to each other, I can only guess the Egyptians taught the Greeks to use mythology in their secret navigation maps.
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Speculation: Mother Earth was considered Atlantis?

Postby Ed Ziomek » Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:56 am

On the very cautious side, I believe I have made a "coincidentally interesting" observation of sorts, and I am still in the “grasping stage” of understanding what it means…

Item One, I am theorizing that the "birth land" of "Mother Earth", the creation epic that our Western cultures have subscribed to, may have been called "Atlantis" at one time.

With the strong probability of the Geb and Nut images overlaying the North Atlantic, and the Athenian helmet overlaying West of Ireland, and the Atlantean map fitting nicely around the Azores, many improbable things are coming together fast and furious.

I still am asking, what is fact, what is probable, and what is my imagination? I don’t have clear answers at this point.

The name “AT” is coincidentally the beginning and ending letters of 7 or so ancient alphabets. “AT” can also mean “the womb” according to Wallis Budge in the Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary. “AT” can also mean “Osiris”. “A-T” could also be “divine male and divine female design symbolics”.

I have also heard it can translate as “creation, beginning and end”, and indirectly as “life, death, rebirth”.

After the creation of life by his ancestral God-parents, the mythology of Osiris had divided the known, pre-floor world into 75 or so "A-ats".

Not surprising, so many pre-historic ancient symbolics and designs of the most extreme importance are related to the miracle creation of life itself: the phallic for the male, and the breasts, yoni, and womb of the female.

For example, according to the book "Mayan Cosmos" by Jan Adamski, (paraphrased) the Milky Way in the heavens was the "tree of life", which I suggest seems to be associated with a location within the Atlantis geographic map.

“As above, so below, as within”. The celestial sky-heavens, the earth, and the human body are all connected.

Example number two, the unattractive figurine of Mother Earth, "Mother Fertility", one of the oldest known recognizable and widespread pieces of human artwork, dating back up to 37,000 BC. The large one shown comes from a display at the University of California in Berkeley … why did “Mother earth” need to be so mis-formed and unattractive?


Could it have been a map of the Atlantic floor, in fact the same geographic figure we call Atlantis? I am strongly suggesting that “Ah-tee-lan” stood for some form of “Land of creation”, or “Mother land”, or “Earth and Sky and Human life itself”. -Where the Gods mingled with the stars and with mankind.

So much of this is way beyond my capabilities, so I am carefully organizing it all to be presented soon in a clear and simplistic way.

Let me thank the critical people and organizations enabling me to derive these theories:

First and foremost, Google Earth, which is changing academics, I truly believe.
Adobe Photoshop.
The City of Mexico City, and Teotihuacan
The Greeks and the Egyptians, how mega-influential they have been to humanity!
Graham Hancock, Fingerprints of the Gods
Dan Brown, the DaVinci Code who opened up all the artistic and design secret clue possibilities
Alex Sokolowski of
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC)
The United States Navy for their ocean floor research
And a hundred or a thousand others...thank you all.
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Britain, Scotland, and Ireland: Lion Pillars of the World

Postby Ed Ziomek » Thu Oct 22, 2009 2:36 pm

Again, I am overwhelmed in the story of the mid-Atlantic, but the story is growing as I write this, so let me start placing the gems onto the tabletop, and add/explain later.

Today, I am displaying a very faint image of the Astrology/Astronomy chart of ancient Dendera, apparently owned by the Lourve Museum in France. The quality of my image is very poor, but the information is amazing.

Louvre Official website…

I am suggesting strongly that the strange images in the graphic of the Dendera “map” are part of the geography of the Atlantic Ocean floor, centered just North of the Azores.

The ancient formula was simple, “As above, so below, as within”.
The celestial heavens of Father Sky, matched the geography of Mother Earth, which should match the human body itself.

But wherever the Dendera “map” was originally drawn, it could not match all geographies, all over the earth. It was drawn to correspond to one unique location on this globe, no doubt the home base of the culture who drew it.
So I believe I have found where the Dendera astrology/astronomy chart matches the geography of Mother Earth, and that is centered in the region of the mid-Atlantic.

To my incredible good luck, I believe the Louvre Museum has an ancient geographic map of the Atlantic Ocean floor.

Not for today’s discussion, but many of the modern day names of Ireland, Scotland, Picts, Britain, Azores, seem to have star constellations with similar names, and possibly the origins of their names, in geographic locations centered around a center point in the sky (North Star, for example), and center point of the Mother Earth, in a position just North of the Azores (is this Ah-Tee-Land, I really don’t know!?).

The flags of Britain, Scotland, and the Irish Cross seem to fit nicely into this center point of the earthly world.

As above, so below!

But backtracking a half step, let me display the First image, that of the cow goddess Hathor, whose figure convincingly overlays the Flemish Cap area East of Newfoundland/Labrador, and the previously mentioned Plato/Solon Convergence South of Greenland. To me, the full figure of the cow goddess with the bull’s head was drawn prior to the first cataclysmic flood. Her myths and legends had for the most part subsequently disappeared by the time of the First Dynasty of Egypt, roughly 3200 BC., (post flood).


Second image: Geographic big picture, with Dendera chart on top left, with Purple Topographic showing Scotland and England pseudo-flag-design overlays over the “Center of Mother Earth”, probably “Ahh-Tee-Land”, and an NOAA depiction with the criss-cross center North of the Azores (Osiris).

Third image, the very poor image of the Dendera chart, on display in the Louvre Museum in Paris, then the evacuated version of the chart to the right, and four astrological figures which I believe I have identified:


To the left, the Aten circular sun disk white image covers the Plato/Solon convergence area South of Greenland.

The bottom figure is of Set, with butcher knife, having dismembered Osiris, (aka “Azores” ), which is an allegory of the many Flood cataclysms which wiped out the entire mid-Atlantic habitats and the Kingdom of Osiris himself. The Dendera map was obviously drawn after the first flood cataclysms, but before complete annihilation had occurred.

To the North of the Set figure is the leg of a cow/bull, most definitely the now-dismembered figure of Hathor, who like Osiris, lost her cow’s head in some ancient, pre-dynastic, first-flood era, which was replaced by a bull’s head! The big news is that I believe this leg is the “bris”, aka brisket of the Hathor bull, from which Britain is later named.

And after the flood and devastation of Hathor’s habitat, she changed into the figure called Sekhmet, probably pronounced “Ska-met”, the world destroyer goddess.

To the right is a Lion on the back of a snake, and I believe this is the Scots “Ska”, aka Alouin-Lion-Sun God, on the back of the serpent who transports the sun God through the night-time sky.

Note: "Aaaa-leee-0wn" is the Chinese name for the flying dragon, aka the Lion of the Sky.

And the snake itself is I believe, associated with the Pict tribes. Earlier designs of the snake were as “life-giving-protectors of Ra”, and later designs were “antagonists and attackers of Ra”, the Sun God. Later versions of the snake eliminated the lion, only showing a serpentine depiction of a “flying snake”.

Several other geographic locations are highlighted on the Dendera map which are hugely important and revealing, but not for this discussion today.
Fourth image, an evacuated version of the Dendera map overlaying the Purple topographic used previously.


Side note: Just for fun, not believing in coincidences, I am teased by the name “Dendera”, and the Scottish city name of “Dundee”. Dun-Dee of Ra, the Sun God?

... and Edinburgh… “Bris of Aten”? Aten-Ber-ra? Borough of Atlantis?

The most fascinating portion of these graphics are the overlay alignments, of the celestial figures and the geographic outlines, but also the identification of the explicit center point in the sky chart and on the earthly maps, of the “Four Pillars of the World, holding up the celestial heavens.” Since the center point is depicted in the celestial heavens, then it must have an earthly equivalent.

For lack of any better term, I believe one of those center point names was “Ah-tee-Land”, Land of Osiris, aka Land of Inuet, aka “Beginning and End land”, and the dividing point between the “Over world” and “Underworld”. Unfortunately, the center of the celestial heavens changed slightly over the millennia, having been the Star Thuban several thousand years ago, and now is centered around Polaris.

So can I say this center point that I show is Atlantis?

No. But I must be close!

And if you look real close at the purple master map of the Atlantic, there are at least a dozen, massive circular city designs in the area North of the Azores, exactly where the centerpoint should be.

One final note, as in the Youtube video shows, featuring in the crowd, the Flags of Scotland, the X-cross and the traditional cross, (or the Irish Cross with a circle and cross overlay),indicating the four pillars of the world holding up the celestial sky, the flag designs seem to coincide with the Dendera map with the convergences towards the center point. i.e., “the Center of the celestial Universe”, and the "Center of the Mother-Earthly World".

Note the 4-pillars-flag-designs in the crowd: the GREAT Proclaimers in Edinburgh, 2005. ... re=related

Full Etymology of the Naming conventions to follow soon.
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GPS location of centerpoint

Postby Ed Ziomek » Thu Oct 22, 2009 3:22 pm

Forgot to mention the GPS location of the theory of course!

Google Earth... North West

Enjoy, brothers and sister. :D
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European Amerindian Tribes? Origin of "Mac" prefi

Postby Ed Ziomek » Fri Oct 30, 2009 11:57 pm

Ever since the first European settlers arrived in the Americas, 1492, 1600, etc., there have always been published reports of “White Indians”, a racially sensitive terminology. These stories included Indians speaking an ancient form of Welsh, or the tattoos being identical with Pictish tattoos, or pagan symbolism recognized and destroyed as being too “familiarly satanic”.

DNA evidence is not very supportive of European influence in the Americas, but certainly supports Central Asian and Asian DNA presences, with a few exceptions regarding the X-Haplotype, Finno Ugrian examples, and the coverall term “admixture” (post-Columbus). And let’s not forget my earlier article on “Irishy tribes of China”, which show Caucasian peoples inhabiting today’s Western China, and from these genetic pools the ancient migration paths have been traced.

Having restated the obvious, the bottom line is that I am finding a wealth of evidence that the Picts of Scotland were culturally here in the Americas, probably before the flood cataclysms erased their mid-Atlantic habitats. It is not like, “How did they get here”, but more like… “Weren’t the Pictish Tribes of Scotland exceedingly advanced, in culture, designs, metalworking, stone working, and were the Pequots of the Americas similarly advanced?”

It is shaping up to me as an amazing case study of “twins”, how “one of the twin in a culture pair is advanced, and the other is not as advanced”. How is this possible?

Some of the tribal names that are most probably Pictish are Massapequa, Pequot, Chesapeake, Chippewa, Illinois, Chappaqua, probably Mohican, and many more especially in the Algonquin family which I associate with the Pictish/Scottish name Alouin, the Lion Tribes.

Sometimes you find golden nuggets of information tucked away in small wonderful places, in this case, the library archives of Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Because of the amazing photographs within those archives, I am taking a few moments here to present some portrait photographs of graduates of the Carlisle School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 1898.


Carlisle Indian School, Graduating Class of 1898 from the “Archives & Special Collections, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA”

To me, they look extremely Anglo Saxon European, maybe even Scottish or English. Yes, there could be 100 reasons for this to occur in 1898, 400 years after the “discovery of the New World”.

Dickinson College owns a copy of the Group Photograph, and thanks to Christine Dugan, Director of Media Relations for allowing me to use these portrait portions of the group photo.

The actual Group photo of the Carlisle Indian Graduates is on Flickr at ... 496824463/

I also want to thank Richard Tritt of the nearby Cumberland Historical Society for his help in locating ownership of this photo, a copy of which he has in his photo archives.

What baffles me to no end is that 99.9% of all that I have e-published on Fireside Forum has been speculated on, and reported, and published over the last 400 years by hundreds of authors before me, and still there is this wholesale denial of the obvious:

Many of the Amerindian tribes seem to be European.

Story number two, from An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Wallis Budge-1921, Dover Publications, I will start illustrating the Egyptian etymology of Pictish/Scotish/Amerindian names. This first example is the popular “Mac”, or “Mc” prefix of Scottish names, meaning from the Egyptian… “follower of”, “posterity of”, (family of), and “protector of”.


In this same research, what I didn’t add is the name “Mah-kaw-Ra”, “protector of the Sun God Ra”. I am suspecting “Mah-kah-Ra” is the "cross symbolism" with four circles embedded, which the Picts and Amerindian tribes displayed, or a Sun symbol with four birds/parrots, indicating to me “Mer-cur-ree” which orbits the sun four times faster than the earth.

From the Pequot Museum in Connecticut, there is also a Shaman Healer named “Hobbamock”, with two snake tattoos looking away from each other, and I interpret his name to mean… “Appa-mock”, “Snake-protector Apep”. The Massachusetts State Flag shows the same two serpentine snakes looking away from each other.

A similar name from Eastern Scotland near Inverness is Portmahomock, which could mean some similar form of “snake-protector” at the Gateway to the Underworld, interestingly named “Moray Firth”.

If you are deep into antiquity, fasten your seat belts on my next entry.
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Lucky once again...

Postby Ed Ziomek » Mon Nov 02, 2009 1:44 am

First off, I forgot to thank Malinda Triller, Special Collections Librarian, Library and Information Services, Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania for all her help.

Second, I went online and purchased a book on Picitish symbolism called “Surviving in Symbols” by Martin Carver, Professor Emeritus of Archaeology, University of York in England. With that book I visited the Mashantucket Pequot Museum in Connecticut to compare the identical symbolism.

Well, again I am stunned at what I have found. Because of that book and the Museum results, I am predicting that the end result might be a launch of an international scientific study, with Pequot representatives visiting Scotland and Scottish representatives visiting the Amerindian Museums in the United States.

The Pictish Symbolism book lists about 20 recurring symbols, including strange beasts, mirrors, combs, and zig-zags which I will display later. But even the great Martin Carver, Professor Emeritus could only speculate as to their meaning.

At no time was ever the thought presented that these figures are geographic locations, representing land areas and countries. And believe me, I am the least qualified student here, who stumbled across the probable answers, and even then I can only offer suggestions.

In parallel research, I found images of a famous stone carving in Scotland called the "Maidenstone" containing the same symbolics as Martin Carver's book, and I strongly suggest that I have deciphered a few of these designs as a coordinated map of where they exist on the mid-North Atlantic ocean floor.


Please note: I am 100% sure that the “dolphin beast” overlays the North Atlantic where I display it, with the “mirror” possibly oversized but still in position, including the Flemish Cap, Brendan Island, and Azores areas.

All this information will go to the University of York, to the Mashantucket Pequots, and the Scottish government, for their review.

To me, this is extremely, extremely historic.

I am stunned, and once again too lucky for all this success, -certainly thankful for opportunity of placing these theories on the table for scrutiny.
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Back in time: mapping the floor of the Atlantic, 30,000 BC

Postby Ed Ziomek » Wed Nov 04, 2009 3:30 am

#1: Experts Predict: The oceans will increase in height by 3 feet in the next 100 years, all over the world.

#2: Somewhere, somehow , I downloaded a pretty topographic map of the European area, put it through the color manipulation process of Photoshop, mangled it, and nearly threw it away. On closer inspection, while the severe changes ruined many of the fine articulated features, entire underwater road systems and a King portrait showed up instead, which I have never been able to repeat in Google Earth or NOAA ETOP01. To no surprise, I think various color wavelengths hide or reveal explicitly unique features, not available in all views.

Er-go, I got lucky!

Image 1, Full Europe Topographic, in severe color manipulation


3. One of the major road system convergences appears in the North Sea, exactly due East of the York England area, and this road system continues West through Ireland and beyond, and East all the way to the Smolensk, Russia areas.

Image 2, North Sea area, up close, with Northern Cross, plausibly the Cygnus Constellation road convergences


4. So my strategy first and foremost was to display the underwater road/causeway systems, which seem to me to be ancient attempts (15,000 BC or thereabouts) to make muddy swamplands passable as the waters were continuing to rise.

5. Not losing an opportunity, and under the religious/spiritual phrase, “As above, so below”, it appears that the crossroads of a North South road and and East West Road were created to mimic the Northern Cross, aka Cygnus –Swan Constellation. Several other features are present in this view of the North Sea, and of course, most of it has been lost in rising waters, mud encroachment, and certainly thousands of years of time.

6. Some sharp student should study the display, and figure out when was the last time the horizontal component of this cross was due North. I am convinced that this horizontal component is the spear of the St. George statue mentioned earlier, and the Britannia shaft. Extreme diligence and eyesight might reward the ambitious student with the observation within this map, that the North Sea was segmented into large square sections, one purpose being for water/mud containment, and also for principality governing, I am fairly sure.

Image 3, ancient Horizontal and Vertical “Azimuth lines”


As absurd as it may sound, a major, stupefying achievement of the ancient peoples was to segement the entire Atlantic, North and South, into rectangular and square sections. This must have taken 100s of millions of persons, tens of thousands of years to accomplish. Only today can we produce satellite evidence of these segmentations from the Arctic to the Falklands Islands near Antartica, and all the way to the Bay of Bengal (the segmentation is everywhere, it seems)

7. On the same horizontal azimuth line as York, England, is the eye section of the “King of Smolensk” figure, which appears in (I believe), the Vitebsk, Belarus area. There are many other King Portraits in the area, but I am focusing on this 300 mile high example near Moscow.

Image 4: King of Smolensk (includes areas in Belarus)
So far, with an avalanche of new material, I am only building up to even more fantastic images and stories, and I feel like I am writing science fiction: Pre-pre history, 30 to 50 thousand years ago!

Looking back in time, the dilemma is the same today: Rising waters, loss of human habitats, and the visual architected designs, and consequences.
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North Sea Territorial Squares, compared with Bay of Bengal

Postby Ed Ziomek » Thu Nov 05, 2009 4:32 am

As mentioned, virtually the entire Atlantic Ocean floor area, North to South, shows man-made, architected “territorial segments” or squares and circles. They could have functioned as mud retaining walls, or some form of religious or authority boundary lines.

Likewise in the Bay of Bengal, India area, there are also “territorial segment squares” looking very similar to the North Sea variety.

My question was, could I measure the ocean floor "Squares" as to their dimension, and were there dimensions the same in India and England?

So off we go to the Indian peninsula and Southern Asia. First picture, beautiful looking “Sorbet” false coloring, fascinating geologic contortions… with Bay of Bengal in the 5 o’clock area.Image

Second image, Bay of Bengal inverted, with one of many King portraits found on the floor, now underwater.


I tentatively measured these faint territorial squares at 115 miles wide, by 115 to 125 miles high.

Back on the North Sea floor, on yesterday’s entry, I show territorial squares at 73 by 73 miles. They are not the same, but interestingly … 73 divided by 115 is .634, (2/3 ??), and the reverse 115/73 is 1.57. This is interesting, but obviously, no clear association.

So, we still have a pretty picture thanks to NOAA-ETOP01 and Photoshop, we have virtually identical territorial boundary techniques, and proof of habitation on the Bay of Bengal floor probably in the same time frame as the North Sea habitats!
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California to Hawaii was concentrated human habitat

Postby Ed Ziomek » Sat Nov 14, 2009 6:26 am

The new movie 2012 opened yesterday, Friday the 13th.

I have not seen it yet, hopefully I will see it today. From all the trailer information, the special effects are tremendous, the story line is good enough. As I live and breathe, it appears to be correctly based on the previous epochs of long lost times. The terror must be IDENTICAL to what humanoids endured in the last 30 seconds of their lives, for explicit moments of the last 50,000 years.

With all my research, with all the published accounts of how mother nature does its mighty best to destroy this planet via asteroids, comets, planetary plasma vortices, gravity inversions, atmospheric incendiaries, black holes, mega-earthquakes, ice dam breakups, Tsunami floods, volcanic obscuring of the sun, plague and pestilence, this movie is a fractional true depiction of how the earth was almost destroyed many, many times before.

And almost on queue, I have now happily discovered that virtually the entire ocean floor geography from the West Coast of the Americas to Hawaii, was dry enough to walk and humanoids did just that! Apparently, when the land became too swampy, then muddy, then flooding, the ancients built I believe, East to West Causeways to cover the distances in parallel “high ways” on what are now the ocean floors, and linking all the communities in between.

Anyways, self explanatory:

First view, continental United States with five East West azimuth lines A-B-C-D-E (high-ways, causeways) from California to Hawaii, where they magically halt.

Second view, a closer look of the West Coast, rotated 90 degrees ccw, from the Eugene Oregon area in the middle-left, to Baja in the Top-Right. If you look real close, you start to see organized structures, convergence lines, even rectangular organized city developments.

Third view, up close and personal, with articulated Territorial segments, roads, convergences, center mountains, maybe even temple areas.

2012 the movie is science fiction at this point, but in the history of cataclysms of the world, all the calamities depicted are true, happening again, and again, and again. Sadly we forget the hundreds of millions of humans who were lost, but can you imagine the trials and tribulations of the SURVIVORS!!! They were all of our ancestors.

Conclusion: The entire Eastern Pacific was human habitat. Note: With the very clever obscuring that is taking place on the Google Earth/NOAA mapping, I am not the first to know this, maybe the 10,000th and first.

The Year 2012: My vote, I am very concerned about the real probabilities!
Ed Ziomek
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Hawaiian Islands, North to the Aleutians, all habitat

Postby Ed Ziomek » Tue Nov 17, 2009 2:50 am

In support of my previous human habitats display, West of Los Angeles and San Francisco, I decided it might be sweet if I could walk the readers across the amazing Pacific ocean floor habitats, all the way to the Aleutians in the North, Japan and Asia in the West, Australia/New Zealand in the Southwest, and West of Chile in the South.

All of the Pacific has varying degrees of habitat remains, and I am not sure how far I will get, but let’s start with the area of Hawaii going 1000 miles north towards the Aleutians.

This NOAA example (1000 by 400 miles) shows solid human habitat: every square inch shows layers and layers of artwork, cosmic eggs, Pleiades alignments, convergences, King portraits, massive hundreds of miles - parallel mud retaining “high-ways” and/or canals, even Temple/City type rectangular city-complexes.

I cannot imagine the 3000 mile by 3000 mile ocean-floor-concentration of architected structures and humanities over epochs of time, all lost, and forgotten or denied that they exist, until now. You are the first to see this, I think you will agree.


And celebrating what has not been seen in probably 25,000 years, let me throw in the great “Mana” from Guadalajara and Jalisco, Mexico, appearing at Vina del Mar, Chile, “Rayando el Sol” on Youtube… ... re=related
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Hawaii to Australia: concentrated human habitats

Postby Ed Ziomek » Sun Nov 29, 2009 1:13 am

This is my most extensive entry, and is more of a recap of all previous underwater city-scapes, -this time in the South West Pacific exploring the human habitat concentrations between Hawaii and Australia.

My first glance makes me think that the entire 4622 miles from KaLea, Hawaii to Brisbane Australia is habitat, given that much of the ocean floors are within 1000 meters deep.

So I concentrated on the darker blue areas of my NOAA topographic, which show estimated depths of 5000 to 15,000 feet deep, maybe more. Of course I am excluding the very narrow, darkest blue ribbons which represent trench areas of enormous depths.

In my first graphic, I show the 6 locations I am highlighting.

Areas 1-5 are fairly redundant although first-time historic, (my opinion) and oftentimes show heavily obscured figures caused by the expected sediment from 20 to 50,000 years of accumulation.

Location 1: 100 miles SouthWest of KaLea, Hawaii, at 266 degrees

Location 2: 1232 miles Southwest of KaLea, at 217 degrees...

Location 3: 1700 miles at 243 degrees from KaLea...

Location 4: 2700 miles at 234 degrees from KaLea...

Location 5: East of Cape York, Northern Australia, with New Guinea further to the East...

The surprise is that I am showing unmistakable heavy concentrations of human habitats at what are now tremendous ocean depths. Theoretically, I could walk from San Francisco all the way to Brisbane, Australia, with very few “rivers” interrupting my walk. I can only guess that certain areas were higher than others at various times, and that everything was dependent on specific epochs of time. Time wise, I believe the deepest habitats are 25 to 50,000 years old.

The 6th highlighted location is the Australian NE Brisbane area, which shows the usual King portraits on the ocean floor and even on land. A 38 mile, ocean floor “ramp-bridge” is displayed, virtually identical to what is shown off the coast of New Jersey, and off the coast of York, Northern Australia (that last example is 100 miles long).

The Caloundra ramp-bridge points onto land, and still shows a small King portrait on land, bordered by Route 6, Arthur, Bower, and Queen Street. Hopefully it won’t be bulldozed for more developments, as it most certainly contains grave sites with DNA elements, I am sure of it.

I am particularly intrigued by the naming conventions of Ka Lea, Hawaii, and Caloundra, Queensland Australia. Most certainly, both names show roots in the most-ancient Blue Devil, Blue Demon, MahaKALA, and every indication to me tells me that this dragon-demon was a world destroyer, probably a comet or asteroid which struck the earth in antiquity. I am fairly certain the "kinder-gentler" Calypso was also named in modernish Greek times, after this ancient dragon lady.
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Ancient Ocean Floor Roads: Asia to the Western Hemisphere

Postby Ed Ziomek » Wed Dec 23, 2009 4:16 pm

As I have said before, and posted on another website, the entire Pacific Ocean floor area seems to show human habitats, roads, canals, agricultural protection zones.

And again, as hard as it may seem to visualize, as contrary to everything we have been taught in all our known history books, I am proposing there are at least 14 massive, longitudinal and latitudinal, Pacific Ocean-floor, organized-man-made highways and canals stretching for the majority of distance from the California coast to Indonesia/Japan/China, from South America to New Zealand, from Antarctica North towards Hawaii, and from the Arctic South to Australia.

Imageshack 1, the Pacific Ocean, centered on Tahiti, highlighting man-made, intentionally spaced, roads/canals/agricultural zones. I am proposing that every square mile of this image indicates intense human habitat formations.


Call them Highways, roads, “Protected Agricultural Zones”, habitat protectors, these man-made architected zones vary in width from 2 miles to 120 miles, and stretch thousands of miles long.

Note: Experts may validly call these 14+ trans-Pacific routes “fracture zones”, and they may have been at one time. Countering this argument, I recognize these ocean-floor anomalies as man-made, man-enhanced, intentionally spaced, architected structures which served multiple purposes.

Also note: the legends tell us that Polynesian navigators would “follow the waves” on long distance sailing ventures. I propose that they were actually “following the waves caused by these ancient structured roads”, and the slightly elevated protrusions on the ocean floors which thrust the waves upwards in regular patterns.

Obviously, for crossing over the ocean floor trench areas East of Japan, known as the Kuril-Kamchatka Trench or the Marianas Trench, as two examples, there can be no highway of any kind. But the directional azimuth of these highways seems to end on one side of those trenches and mountain ranges, and resume on the other side. Also, when coming to convergence points, the high-ways expand out and re-converge on the other sides, resuming their journeys.

I am focusing on two of the longest of the roads, from Japan to Baja, and from China to Los Angeles, what may be the first modern identification of ancient intercontinental highways, Asia to the Western Hemisphere!

“Musashi” and “Huangdi-Lei Zu” Intercontinental, Pacific Ocean Floor Highways


#1. Huangdi/LeiZu Intercontinental Highway, Shanghai to Los Angeles (red line)
One of those man-made highway/canals/protected zones, starts/finishes in California as a 50 mile wide (average) swatch of connected linear structures, stretching from the Los Angeles area, through to North of the Hawaiian Islands, and then in a slight dog-leg motion continues in an average 2-mile-wide, agricultural/highway/canal towards Yaku-Shima Island South of Japan, and onto the Mt. Putuo/Shanghai area of China.

Geographic Note: “Mount Putuo is an island located to the south-east of Shanghai, in Zhoushan prefecture of Zhejiang province, China. It is famous in Chinese Buddhism, and is considered the bodhimanda of Avalokitesvara (Guan Yin), a revered Bodhisattva in many parts of East Asia. Mount Putuo is one of the four sacred mountains in Chinese Buddhism, the others being Mount Wutai, Mount Jiuhua, and Mount Emei”…Wikipedia

#2. Miyamato Musashi Intercontinental Highway: Shikoku, Japan to Bahia Tortugas, Baja Mexico. (green line)

The second intercontinental highway starts/finishes in the Shikoku Island area of Japan, criss-crosses the Huangdi Highway at 544 miles at 130 degrees southeast of Yokohama, travels East and intersects the Hawaiian Islands at Honolulu, and finishes on the West Coast of Baja Mexico near Bahia Tortugas.


Segment one up close, at the point where the Huangdi Highway criss-crosses the Musashi Highway, 544 miles Southeast of Yokohama at 130 degrees.


Let me repeat my lack of academic standing, my lack of expertise in archaeology, but I strongly emphasize, I am not the first to know of these man-made structures. I would be happy to describe myself as the 10,000 and first person to find these roads. I might be the first to offer a plausible explanation of these roads.

Unless the reader knows something I don’t, using better tools than I have, the criss-crossing point of these two ancient highways is only visible in the Google Earth KMZ topographic software provided by the US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA… downloadable at…

Subsequent parts of this thread will dissect these two intercontinental highways into Segments, the first being the area from South of Chiba Japan 2000 miles East towards what is known as the Gosanjo Seamount.

And I will be presenting the massive human habitat evidence in the deepest parts of the Pacific.

Where legends, historical accounts, and myths come together… Research notes
Huangdi, also known as the “Yellow Emperor”, is credited with uniting China 4700 years ago, is alleged to have invented the first navigational compass, built earthen pyramids, may have had flying devices and a simple form of black powder, and is alleged to have had a map of the Western Hemisphere, which he called… “the Hemlock Tree with the 100 mile waist” (Panama).

LeiZu, the wife of Huangdi, also is alleged to have invented the Silk industry.
Huangdi and LeiZu unmistakably play “ancestor” to so many future generations in Japan, America, and even Europe, I am convinced.

Background references:
The Yellow Emperor, by Amber Baker
Jade Bear-Dragons Corroborate Yellow Emperor Legend by Shao Da
Yellow Emperor, on
The Book of Five Rings, Concerning the Life of Miyamoto Musashi, the legendary Japanese Samurai Warrior

Note: due East of Japan is the area now labeled the Shatsky Rise. I am further dividing them into three islands, JREF-1, JREF-2, and JREF-3. I know the Japanese government and Japanese specialists are looking at this area, and I say they should petition for international recognition of this area, for their ownership, for archaeological and mining purposes (both purposes can co-exist).

Yes, and there are massive human habitat indicators in this area, here are three.



Today’s non-habitable oceans, and today’s habitable land, seem to have geographically reversed over the last 100,000 years or more. Habitat lands have risen above water levels, and while others have fallen below sea level, that is the lesson we learn.

Even more startling, and just my opinion, but it appears that the areas we call, the “bottom of the Pacific Ocean”, and the “bottom of the Atlantic Ocean”, and many parts of the Indian and Southern Oceans, all ocean floors appear to show more concentrated habitat evidence than anywhere in the present day continental land mass areas!
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