Ancient Underwater City-scapes, Visible with Google Earth?

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Segment 2: Mid-North Pacific, Gosanjo Seamount to Hawaii

Postby Ed Ziomek » Wed Dec 23, 2009 4:23 pm

In my first segment of this thread, I may have mentioned that every square mile might show human habitat, while in Segment 2, I am suggesting it should be “Every Square Yard of the Pacific Ocean Floor”, from the Hawaiian Islands North to the Aleutians and East to North and South America, and South towards New Zealand/ Australia, all areas seem to show ancient human habitat.

Note: A few years ago, I related how the ancient Greek location of Ogygia may have been, and I am sure was, “Ahh-why-ee”, Hawaii.

However, there was an even more ancient location and Goddess called Gaia, for which the legends were diminished over epochs of time.

Gaia in Ancient History

Ogygia, from Wikipedia

Well, even though I am finding carbon copy names on both the Atlantic and Pacific sides (i.e., Aleutian Islands, Elysian Fields; Japan, Shippan-Chippanengo; Nihan-Niantic; Nippon-Neponset), I am now strongly believing that Gaia could also be the place we call Hawaii, though most of it is now underwater. From the ancient Egyptian meanings, "A-Gaia" could mean… “place of Gaia”, “Ahh-why-yah”.

In this Segment, I will do very little writing, and let the fantastic, mesmerizing images tell the story.

Image 1: 1900 miles East of Yokohama, starting at the Gosanjo Seamount area, showing the locations of the Huangdi-LeiZu and Musashi Highways towards the Eastern Hawaian Islands.

Image 2 thumbnail: South of the Gosanjo Seamount area, the Musashi Highway and the sediment heavy roads/canals and artwork.

Image 3: Northwest of the Hawaiian Islands, showing massive geometric road building, canal building, and habitat areas, with the very typical King/Queen portraits, and the Huangdi and Musashi Highway tracks towards the East.

Image 4: 975 miles northwest of Honolulu is a major ancient ocean-floor intersection of sorts, with the Huangdi Highway passing West to East, passing through a major North South ancient road/canal coming up from the South heading towards Yunaska in the Aleutian Islands.

Image 5: My fantastic pride and joy, a 15,000 square mile, magnificent geometric articulated country-scape, showing what appears to be a near-perfect 30-60-90 triangle. Loaded with habitat features, it looks like a modern day space ship. At a depth exceeding 10,000 feet deep, I am guessing it must be 30-50 thousand years old. Priceless! What joy this gives me, to be able to present it to the readers of and the Fireside Forum. Thank YOU!

While 100 million persons may have viewed this figure on Google Earth, I may be the first to be able to plausibly explain it. Thank you Google Earth, that is what matters.


Last thumbnail image, from 1000 miles due North of Hawaii, a duo piece of overlapping artwork, which certainly needs more competent study than I can give it.

Once again, I am humbled, stunned, overwhelmed.

For all of you, for all of us, Love – Peace – Happiness, have a happy holiday, and let me leave you with one of my favorite songs from 2009, - somehow, almost a prayer from me, for the billions of humans who passed on before us, whose existence on all ocean floors is denied until now…
Already Gone, Kelly Clarkson
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Segment 3: Hawaii to West Coast, North America

Postby Ed Ziomek » Mon Jan 18, 2010 2:28 am

There is so much new, historic information to bring to everyone’s attention, it may take me several days for the complete picture of the Eastern Pacific, and the fantastic habitats and artwork that I have found.

For this first part, Segment Three of the Pacific floor Huangdi and Musashi highways series, I am attempting to track the 3000 miles expanse from Hawaii to California and the West coast of North America.


These geographic locations, these man-enhanced roads or agricultural zones have had official names, that of the Murray and Molokai Fracture Zones. Note: The Huangdi-Murray ends in the Lompoc/Los Angeles area, while the Musashi-Molokai ends in the Baja area.

A wonderful illustration of these fracture zones can be found in a National Geographic topographic map…”Pacific Ocean Floor Map, 1969”.

North of the Huangdi-Murray FZ, the Mendocino and Blanco fracture zones have drawn my extreme interest, which I will address later.

South of the Molokai FZ is the Clarion FZ which intersects the Puerto Vallarta area of Mexico.

Let me start out with the usual mantra… “this Pacific Ocean floor area from Hawaii to California/Baja shows solid human habitat architectural roads and structures, with heavy sediment obscuring much of the articulated detail.” There also appears to be some intentional obscuring, but what is left is again and again… astonishing!

The first amazing thing I discovered is a horse-shaped, built-up outline on the ocean floor, immediately West of the end of the Musashi highway, West of the Bahia de Tortugas. The size of this figure if 600 miles high by 500 miles wide.


I also took the time to find several King portraits in this same area, with two major interesting additions:
One, all of the images seem to overlap each other, but the angular disposition of the Kings varies from one portrait to the next, and over 90 degrees in one instance. This indicates to me at an amateur guess of at least 6000 years between some of the images.


Two, one of the main images seems to show a helmet covering of the facial features. At first, I can’t verify one way or the other, but I am leaning somewhat towards the possibility that a helmet is depicted in the facial image. The type of helmet it looks like is what is called “Arthurian”, found on the replica website,, (thanks to Deepak Bhasin for permission). ... 4516468614

At this point, let me add a "Segment One Area", horse figure I discovered, 1000 miles East of Tokyo, which in my mind certainly portrays a horse, and may also depict a King/Queen on horse-back.


So far, I am just warming up to one of my most important discoveries of my life, what I can only describe as something that should be studied by the best academics and scientists.

Specifically, I believe I have found another helmeted figure, and this I am very convinced of: a standalone King/Centurion figure with a Roman Etruscan/Celtic helmet, with the figure of either Medusa or Pan/Satyr on its side, and it is positioned at the Gateway to the underworld, within 5 miles West of Gorda, California.

While I am still compiling all the information…here is a teaser…
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Tree of Life, Valley of the Kings, Mother Earth

Postby Ed Ziomek » Fri Jan 22, 2010 1:15 pm

This addition hopefully will be done more in images, as opposed to text explanations. A word of caution, in that ancient cultures thought differently than we do today about human body appendages. Depictions in ancient times were sometimes more realistically shown than they are today, without the moralistic judgemental emotions we attach to the natural functions and miracle of life. I make a major attempt here to tone down some of these images.

The “Valley of the Kings” may have had several other names, including Elysian Fields-West, of historic Greek fame, the Ankh life symbol resemblance of Egyptian fame, and possibly the Tree of Life, the Kabala of Judaic history. These images may include, or in fact BE Asiatic historical references in origin, there is no way to tell. I am certainly only presenting theories at this time, I have no proof.

But the main West to East azimuth line of the Valley of Kings contains a Divine Female ovular shape on the Western edge, and a Divine Male phallic shape close to the Gorda California coastline. The explicit North Latitude line is 35 degrees, 48 to 50 minutes North of the Equator. I can only guess there are a million plus King portraits carved into the ocean floor and terraced shelves of this coastline of California.

Virtually the entire world shows special architectural construction at this point, which includes 9 miles north of Tokyo, just South of the Azores, Gibraltar, and I am calling it the “35.50 Enigma”.

First Imageshack thumbnail are these locations around the world, and I will focus an entire article on this feature in the near future.


Second image is the detail of the California coastline showing prominent geographic displays facing West, and various “Tree of Life” symbolism of ancient times which seem to match the Valley of Kings geography.


Third image, another thumbnail of the Valley of Kings, center point area. There are so many eye indicators, and facial indicators, it is as if the area has been plowed, re-plowed, re-landscaped several times to make room for the many figures, over the last 20 thousand years. Since facial portraits seem to be aimed at various locations on the compass, I can only guess at the expanse of time-epochs this area has played a role.


The whole purpose of the Divine Male image is to show a path for the Armies of Kings waiting to be re-introduced into Mother Earth, the “Gorda”, “fat woman”, via the horizontal azimuth line.

Fourth image, very similar to three, are several of the figures found, with the added red-outlined area of a hillside 3 miles from Gorda, which should be closely studied. This area shows the Centurion with the Pan-Satyr sideplate on his Roman-style helmet. I am 100% sure of the Pan-Satyr image, and 90% sure of the Roman-Etruscan style of helmet.

Philosophical Question: The Country of Japan I believe, is named after the "origin of the spirit", the "pan-origin" of the "chee-spirit", or "Land where the sun first rises".

Here I am showing a Greek God called Pan, and he is the God of fertility, and he is at the entrance of the underworld, in an area I think might be called "Elysian Fields", or "Aleutian Fields", "Place of first light". Might then the whole concept of "Japan", or "Shippan", "Chippanengo", or "Chee-Pan" been personified by a God called... "Pan"?

As the world has a rising sun giving life to the fields, doesn't also the God Pan have a "rising role" in giving life to the world?


Fifth image, close up detail of the Centurion, also showing a cat-like guardian at the gate of the underworld.


Sixth image, comparison of the Medusa-Greek image, with the Pan-Satyr image, along with the Aztec Tonatiuh (compare with Thanatos), and the Greek/Roman/Etruscan Pan, Satyr, Faunos. Not shown is the “Green Man” which is also a candidate from antiquity.


Seventh and Eighth images, thumbnails showing various figures found in the area, and the terraced effect of carving King and Queen portraits on the slopes from the shelf area down to the Ocean floor.



Finally, a revisit to an earlier image, with a stone cut helmet image found on Easter Island, which may be Asiatic in origin.


Note to Editor: If any portion of this is deemed offensive, please correct at will. Thank you.
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Pan and Draco lookalikes, and Mendocino Wine

Postby Ed Ziomek » Sun Feb 07, 2010 1:20 am

I started on a continuance of the “Tree of Life”, off the West Coast of Gorda, California. There are so many names and coincidences in this area, up and down the West Coast of the Americas, I have to mention some here.

Gorda, Fat Woman, Mother Earth. Punta Gorda, Point of the Fat Woman,
in the wine country of Mendocino, Northern Calfornia.

Lucia, California, and Elysian Fields of Greek history.

Las Cruz Canyon, possibly “The Cross”, sits underwater off the Coast of Las Padres National Forest.

Santa Cruz, Saint of the Cross, is just North of this area.

Redwood National Park, and Big Sur, last sanctuaries of the most giant trees in the world, suitable for Kings and Queens.

Big Sur, California, and Saria Island, Greece at virtually the exact same North latitude, 7300 miles away. 11 miles south of Saria Island is Olympos, “Place of the Gods” on the Island of Karpathos, Greece. Likewise, 11 miles south of Big Sur, California, is Las Padres National Forest, California, meaning “the fathers”.

Today’s contribution…more evidence on the table…

As too many times before, I have referred back to previously published materials on visits to the Americas by foreign strangers, and what was said to the early Conquistadors by the Aztecs and Incas, Totonakas, Zapotecas, Mayans, and in this specific case “the gilded helmet of a Conquistador”...

From the amazing book In Search of Quetzalcoatl, first written in 1961 by Pierre Honore under the title “Ich Fand den Weissen Gott”.pg 23…
When Montezuma’s emissary met Cortes….

“There was an interesting little incident when Montezuma sent one of his nobles called Teuhtlile to the Spanish camp. Teuhtlile brought a wicker basket filled with ornaments of wrought gold, gifts from his emperor. As he set them out before Cortes, and the soldiers pressed closer to see the golden splendor, Teuhtlile spied among them a man whose helmet had a thin gold plating. He was fascinated by this, and when Cortes handed him the return presents for Montezuma, Teuhtlile declined them, asking only for the helmet. “I must show it to the Emperor, for this helmet looks exactly like the one that was once worn by the White God’.” (Quetzalcoatl)

White soldiers, possibly Christian priests, and Templars, most probably Egyptian, Babylonian, Asian, Greek, Roman, and Judaic influences arrived at various times in the Americas, in all parts of the Americas, which is the clear message to me. The East Coast had Asians, the West coast had Europeans.

Anyways, first image shows an amazing coincidentally-aligned geometric pattern in the Valley of the Kings, similar to the symbol of the Masons, the Compass, Framing Square, with embedded “G”. figure 1


I propose that this is a classic Sacred geometry symbol, used by ancient architects and religious zealots, in a time when mathematics and architecture were the essence of godliness.

The “G” I am proposing is pronounced “Wah”, or “Way”, the totality of the Divine Power, the beginning and the end, the Life-Death-Rebirth trinity, as in “I am the Way, the truth and the Light”, from Psalm 119:147.

Sacred Geometry and Godliness

Geometry and the Letter G, on

“Geometry is a revelation of that order, a reducing to line and diagram of the everlasting relations among all the substances and properties of the universe. Can anything be more sublime than that?

There is reason to believe that the Letter G stood for this precious science, though in our day and more particularly in American lodges it is a symbol of T.S.G.A.O.T.U. In either event, and in the last analysis, the significance is the same, because the Sacred Letter would have reference to that which is the Origin of the Orderliness of the universe.”

Onward to Coincidence number 2, the uncanny relationship between the 35.40 to 36.00 North latitudes around the world. One primary example is the island of Saria and Karpathos in Greek waters. It seems to align with Big Sur and Las Padres National Forest… in California, , approximately 7300 miles away.


What I just discovered is what appears to be a “Pan-like figure”, or “Draco-dragon-like figure”, with apparent horns, 3 miles off the coast of California and what is called the Kirk Creek Campground.

Right next to the Pan figure is a beehive-crowned young figure which to me indicates Mesopotamian, or Sumerian ancestries. I am reminded to say it doesn’t prove anything, and I will let the experts debate this one. But, the beehive head-dress is so ancient, so symbolic in the meaning of “nectar of life”, “- my fake product -”, life-force, etc, that to find it off the coast of California is so amazing to me!



I then went exploring North, in the area of the Mendocino Fracture Zone and the California wine and Redwood country of Mendocino County.

Image 5 shows the usual large view, Coast of California, a giant King portrait with eyes in the Redwood National Park, and mouth in the area of Ft. Bragg. There are numerous similar figures on the coast, and even within this large figure.


Just Northwest of Punta Gorda, Southeast of Cape Mendocino, California, there is a surprising Divine Male figure, with facial portrait, some questionable topography overlay which I was disappointed to find (if true), and otherwise stunning man-made, architected, land and ocean floor shapes.

But then I hit my mother lode of weekly treasures, an articulated, obscure-free rectangle 133 miles West of Punta Gorda and Cape Mendocino.

This 1900 square mile valley or plateau features King portraits saturating the area, including 60 mile long hillside panel art which I can only guess is ancient script or glyphic animal and human representations. In fact, I deciphered figures in a southerly perspective of this area, and a Northerly perspective. Figures are headed in all directions, indicating massive time expanses and human habitat occupation in this area.


However, the 7th image showed something that amazed me, -a Snake head or dragon head, facing West, is dissected in half, with the right eye visible, and the left eye surgically obscured. Right eye Gps:, view at 13 miles up.

North heading perspective:

South heading, same image set:

Satellite image credits: Data SIO, NOAA, US Navy, NGA, GEBCO, and Google Earth, and Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute on others nearby!

Nice move, guys! It’s like the sacred cow was harvested, and you left me 1900 square miles of prime rib!!! I will take it. This stuff could be Judaic text, Babylonian glyphs, Arabic or Japanese pictograms, who knows. These walls contain an ancient prayer-messages from the Kings of the cultures who lived here, I guarantee you. They are talking to the ancient Gods, and to us, their legacy.

What an amazing place to send true academics and scientists who know what they are doing… and it proves to me my rightful place of 10,000-and-first person to find this place!

Last thumbnail item, though is the puzzling, and disturbing close-up of what appears to be another level of obscuring, or very bad image overlay, wherein a foreign piece of topographic image seems to be overlaid on-top of the true image.


Possibly this is done for security reasons to cover up this valuable human habitat location and temple areas, in very shallow shelf areas. The topographic lines do not line up.

Now there are also sensitivity issues that should be addressed, wherein sacred male and female art forms from 30,000 years ago are considered - potential abuse - today, and certainly the potential target of indiscriminate site destruction due to their shallow water accessibility and ancient treasure certainty. I can appreciate that. And I am still disappointed.

Let me advise all once again the obvious, “King figures saturate these topographies, wall-to-wall”, and much of it is obscured in one way or another.

Anyways, it’s all good, it is what it is, but I just can’t get no respect.
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Take two, Rodney

Postby Ed Ziomek » Sun Feb 07, 2010 1:25 am

Try it again, stage left, right, center...Rodney Dangerfield
Can't get no respect...
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Segment 4 on the Huangdi Highway

Postby Ed Ziomek » Wed Feb 10, 2010 10:31 pm

Segment 4, the area south of Kyushu, into the East China Sea, and onto the Mount Putuo, Shanghai area. This is my final segment on the Huangdi - Lei Zu highway, from the Shanghai area to Los Angeles, unless I uncover something even more dramatic.

I realize, this information could seriously make governments become territorial. I realize there is much contention over explicit areas in these shallow seas, over natural gas and oil potentials. Let me add archaeological possibilities to the volatile mix, as the entire area of Segment 4 shows extensive ancient habitat, with overlapping King portraits headed in the southerly orientation. This indicates an easy 10,000 year time frame of construction.

Imageshack 1: On the large scale, I show the Southerly depiction of Japan, Korea, China, and countries to the South.
The Huangdi Highway is highlighted in yellow, for the Yellow Emperor of 4700 years ago, and his wife.


I also show two rectangular boxes showing areas in the East China Sea, and the Philippine Sea to the Southeast of Kyushu.

Historical review, the first Yellow Emperor of ancient China, Huang-di, was 2600 BC or so.

The second Huangdi, I believe reigned in 400 BC or so, and he also accomplished much in China, and both belonged to the Han dynasty. The Han played many significant roles in the future histories of Asia, because as I believe I have read, these were the tribes who were ancestors to the Hangook of Korea and Han descendants in Japan, but I will need help on these somewhat controversial details.

Originally, I thought the Musashi highway extended all the way from Baja, California to Shikoku, Japan, but in fact it criss-crosses Huangdi 536 miles Southeast of Tokyo, crosses over the Kuril-Kamchatka Trench, then dog-legs Northwest towards the Shikoku island in a series of highways. It is not quite a straight-shot run.

Imageshack 2: The southerly perspective of the South China Sea, with Korea and Japan at the bottom, and China to the right of this image.


In this area, several other angular, laser beam highways show up and intersect the Huangdi, in a “four corners of the earth” style convergence, and these roads have not been identified or named yet. In fact, you probably won’t see these roads on Google Earth without the KMZ download enhancement from the NOAA, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration mentioned earlier.

The most important feature that I found, is where the Western point of the Huangdi ocean floor highway originates/terminates in the area of Mount Putuo, 100 miles South of Shanghai, which is a very important Buddhist shrine, one of the four sacred mountains.

Amateur guess and observations: At first, I was drawing parallels to the naming convention of Mount Putuo and Machu Picchu of Peru. In fact, the names have so many similar sounding alternative names, that no conclusion at all can be made, at least not yet. Understand though, in my opinion there are major, unmistakable connections between the Inca area tribes and the Tibetans, Nepalese and Buddhists.

I can easily explain to my active imagination that this is a classic case of high altitude farmers from the Himalayas transplanted into the high altitude farming of the Andes, again my opinion. Genetically, or anthropologically, I have guessed that the race of people called “Jomon” found in Tibet, probably are the identical looking Inca people. Etymology speaking, there seems to be no connection between Mount Putuo and Machu Picchu.

Mount Putuo

Guan Yin
Guānshìyīn, Wade-Giles: kuan-shih yin) which means "Observing the Sounds (or Cries) of the World".

And a cautionary note, in that all the map and King portrait images are pointed towards today’s South, indicating a very, very old construction, probably 10,000 BC and much earlier.

Image three is a larger scale detailed area of the East China Sea, showing the same geometric areas and King portraits.

Image four is a clean view of the same enhanced area, for the reader to make their own judgment.

And Image 5, we have the explicit up close area of the Philippine Sea, in the Koshu, Daini Kinan, and Kinan Seamount Chain areas.

Again, King portraits are numerous, virtually all in the Southerly direction, though less articulated due to heavy sediment layering. The depth of this area I believe is in the 3000 meter area, not counting the trench area.

This completes the four segments of these two intercontinental, ocean floor habitat/highways.
For me, this was an accomplishment, though I promise you, I am 20 years behind the curve on all this information. Possibly, I am one of the first to publicly show what has been known for a very long time, that the ocean floors show extensive human culture, organization, and unspeakable amounts of historical and mineral treasures.

The future of the human race, I believe, might be determined by the oceans.

Meantime, congratulations to the NFL, the New Orlean Saints, Indy Colts, history is made, amazing year. (and amazing commercial too)
Here is the promo from the Miami New Orleans game... Reggie Bush... ... re=related

The most extensively watched American show in the history of American television.
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Two Queen image outlines: Pacific and Atlantic Oceans

Postby Ed Ziomek » Wed Feb 17, 2010 10:26 pm

In my pursuit of the Huangdi and Musashi ocean floor highways, I am coming across remarkable other mega-image construction projects, most probably related to man-made, architected, mud-retaining and flood prevention sea walls.

Note: The first “King portrait mega-image” of an ancient “Unknown Goddess”, possibly Greek in time epoch, is located just South of the Aleutian Islands (Elysian Islands?), and is not as articulated as many I have shown before. I can certainly understand caution from the readers.

However, when I drilled down in the first Goddess image using Google Earth and Photoshop, the eye, nose, hair, crosses, and forehead alignments are a perfect overlay, and "close to perfect" for the Trident ear-pendant. While, the face portion above the chin seems to be a perfect overlay, the hair portion is not as perfect in its overlay and at this point does not seem to match. The Trident pendant similarity points towards Calypso, but that is another story.

I am suggesting that it must have taken several thousand years to construct these wall portions, and not all of it was completed at the time of the oceans rise. I am suggesting that if these images were meant to be of the Greek culture, which I suspect, then it could be Thera, or Hera, or Calypso, or even Aphrodite, who was “born from the seashell”.

Second image; let me revisit the area West of Ireland, in the area of the Athenian helmet, showing architected structures virtually every square yard of Atlantean ocean floor. In this set, I found an earthquake map from the US Geological Survey Earthquake maps (thanks Justy) which most explicitly shows the Athenian helmet overlay shown earlier. ... 340_55.php


And as an aside, while looking up the Greek Goddesses, I came across an amazing name…


This is sometimes a surname for Aphrodite. It means "beautiful buttocks".

With this name occurring right next to Calypso…” There's more on her in the nymph section, but now she's here to, as she should be. Daughter of the Titan Atlas, she lived on the island Ogygia.”

OK folks, I am the student here too, and I ask you all, do you see the name I am seeing here?

Callipygos. Galapagos Islands. The origin of the Island name is from Aphrodite!!! Remember her flaming red-Auburn hair, coming out of the seashell? She is the humanistic, kinder, gentler Maha-KALA of the even more ancient times, the animalistic flying blue dragon with the flaming red hair, in my opinion.

The Greeks of Ogygia (Ahh-why-ee), Ka-lea (Calypso), and Callipygos (Galapagos)… these names are too close to call them coincidences.

The Greeks were in the Pacific, big-time, and likewise in the Atlantic, I suggest the Athenians came from the area that is to the West of Ireland, most definitly part of the Atlantean continental area, now underwater.
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South Pacific, Wake Island to Australia and New Zealand

Postby Ed Ziomek » Sun Feb 28, 2010 1:42 am

Today I present what probably has not been shown for a minimum of 2000 years, and probably not for 10,000 years.

As I have stated before, the entire Pacific is showing signs of human habitat. It is as if the topographies of the earth are now reversed. What is now ocean floor of the Atlantic and Pacific was concentrated, organized, human city landscapes, countries, and continents.

All of the following images are facing South, so the first image has Japan and China to the South, Australia to the right side, and Hawaii to the left.


In the general center of this image, 1700 miles wide and 2000 miles high, is the certain portrait of a King, and there are at least 15 Kingly portraits within the larger image.

To the Northeast is a secondary image in the direction of the Solomon Islands, and then New Zealand. To the right is the area of Australia, showing an image that I am inclined to believe is a Kingly portrait of an inverted Eastern Australia, and on closer inspection there are landscaped eye and mouth areas supporting this opinion.

Otherwise, even I am on the cautious side. These images defy all our previous logic and research, how could humans do this on such mega scales? I can only believe that they possessed a black powder substance to break up whole mountains, rearrange rivers, construct massive roads, and the triangulation surveying techniques to make explicit star-aimed layouts over huge distances. (Sacred Geometry methods, I am sure)

Second image is an expanded Kingly portrait, what I am calling the 25 embedded Kings, with Wake Island in the point of the chin, and the eye area to the West of Sibylla Island area. I am certain of this image, which seems incomplete, but easily discernible.


Third image is an Imageshack thumbnail of the Queensland Australia area, in the detailed mouth area of the questionable King portrait mentioned before. The area of Queensland is saturated with these vague Kingly portraits, and I am willing to help any local university researchers find nearby examples. They are everywhere it seems.


Fourth portrait is a surprise treat to me, in that I took a photographers example from Panoramio, Miro59 is his callsign, and put his image of Belougery Spire -Warrumbungle through the Photoshop process.


I came up with multiple stone-cut portraits, the main one somewhat disintegrated at the top, which I tried to recreate. Thank you Miro, and I will be notifying the Australian government of this find, for their review.

I am still only the student here, putting the material on the table for more competent people to analyze.

It certainly is fun, revealing what no humans have seen for at least 2000 years, if ever!!! And some of this must be in the 50,000 years back range.
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Muse Antipode: An answer in search of a question

Postby Ed Ziomek » Thu Mar 18, 2010 4:30 am

This entry is one of those cosmic, déjà voodoo moments that enter my life too frequently, and I just can’t resist.

I have been staring at 25 million square miles of the south Pacific in the Google Earth map, in the NOAA mode, trying to figure out the amazing symmetry that is landscaped between Australia and New Zealand to the Northeast, Hawaii to the North West, and South America to the Southeast. While I can’t seem to decipher any figures or purpose in all that shows itself, I am astonished with the simple question…”how can nature be this symmetrical?”

The answer is…it’s probably landscaped by humankind in the last 100 to 200 thousand years. Again, every square mile of the South Pacific shows what appears to be, concentrated, architected, landscaped, city-scaped human habitats. Hard to believe, absolutely!!!

At the top of the “apogee” of form, I will call it, is a sort of cosmic egg, which may have been a human face, but with the shallow ocean level (less than 1000 meter depth), one could forgive the lack of articulated form due to coral growth and sediment rearrangement. Fine.

Almost exactly at the center of the cosmic egg circle is the most astonishing name to me, the Island of Tahiti, God of all Gods. Yes, I can only guess at the translation, from the few hundred books I have read giving it my amateurish Egyptian Dictionary interpretation. And there are wonderful neighboring names of Papeete…Light of the Gods, and Makemo, plausibly the protector of the Gods.


Back to the geography, someone beat me to the cosmic egg location of the Tahiti area, and labeled an underwater location nearby, the “Antipode” of a most holy location in the Middle East. Antipode is a new word to me, and it means the explicit geographic opposite side of the world, in this case, to that most holy of holy shrines.

So, I am feeling amazement at these observations, topped with extreme coincidence, topped with uncanny similarities, I ask myself "Exactly what am I finding here?" I am not sure.

As anyone can share and understand, I entirely revere these spiritual locations, exactly like the Jerusalem and the Giza, and the Luxor, all of which fall within the virtual sphere of that “Anitpode Cosmic Egg”, on the other side of the world, called Tahiti and French Polynesia!

In addition to the cosmic egg, and the Antipode, and the naming conventions, there is an angular road indicator which I extended from this antipode point near Tahiti, and ended up criss-crossing the holy centers of the Middle East almost exactly 12,000 miles away.


It took me weeks to try and make sense of this amazingly symmetric portion of the South Pacific, now underwater. It didn’t help my paranoid imagination when I came across a fairly new song by Muse, “Uprising”, whose cover art looks uncanny similar to the same South Pacific area I am trying to understand in Google Earth.


The fact that this group is from a small village called Teignmouth of Devon, England, home to none other than my fave Graham Hancock, Fingerprints of the Gods, makes this story to me too strange to be anything but true.

Is this coincidence, or imagination, or what? Were the holy centers of the Middle East originally located in the South Pacific, the God of all Gods, Ta-hee-tee?

I understand that this entire entry may make no sense to the reader, but to me it does seem to be some form of spiritual answer, to a question I don’t have yet. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the somewhat radicalized music and wonder all about what we don’t know – about ourselves!

Muse, Uprising.

“Uprising” opening lyrics, by Walter Bellamy of Muse…

“Paranoia is in bloom
The PR transmissions will resume
They’ll try to push drugs to keep us all dumbed down,
And hope that we will never see the truth around,
(so come on)…” ... -u2-shows/

“Muse - comprised of vocalist/guitarist Matt Bellamy, bassist Chris Wolstenholme, and drummer Dom Howard

Recorded in Italy, the album was mixed by famed audio engineer Mark 'Spike' Stent, who is known for his work with U2, Depeche Mode, No Doubt, and Oasis, among many others.
Ed Ziomek
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Our Lady of Guadalupe: Mother, Maria, Sacred

Postby Ed Ziomek » Sun Apr 04, 2010 7:08 pm

There are 1000 incredible reasons to visit the antiquities of Mexico, but security concerns certainly out-weigh all that is wonderful, for the moment. Still, I would strongly recommend one safely visiting these holy sites located there.

My entry today is focusing on the most holy, most sacred iconic symbols of this ancient Mexico and Central America area, that of the painted image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, on display in the Valley of Mexico (Basilica of Guadalupe, on the Cerro of Tepeyac). ... xico15.htm

Controversy has offered many reasons and stories behind this image, the most significant being “Is it real or fake.” Numerous investigations have theorized on its origins, and I am surely adding several in this article. I say it is absolutely real for many ancient, historic, religious reasons, regardless of your faith.

My wife is convinced of its most holy authenticity of the “Virgen” Mother Mary, and deserving of extreme reverence which I agree.

My historic self recognizes ancient pre-Christian symbolism, such as the black horn features at the feet, the black crescent moon, which I believe signifies the “Dark Moon Goddess”, known by the Greeks as “Selene”, representing the 3 days of the month that the moon’s shape is invisible.

The skin of the “Virgencita” or “Virgen Morena”, (as the image is variously referred to), is certainly dark in complexion, and similar paintings in Italy refer to this same image as the “Black Madonna”, or the “Dark Madonna”.

If I let my etymology thoughts play with me, I would say that the ancient Sun Goddess could also plausibly be “Ma-Ra”, “Mother Sun”, “Mother Ocean” –“Ma-re”, or “Mother Earth Goddess” (Maria Madre), and the Moon Goddess is “Mag-da-lena” (Luna?).

My imagination has the matriarchal “Mother Earth” and “Mother Moon” Goddesses in the names Mary and Magdalena.

It doesn’t help my confusion, when I find explicit Islands off the coast of Mexico, called Isla Maria Madre and Isla Maria Magdalena, West of Puerto Vallarta.

There are archeo-political clues here too, with the name Guadalupe existing also in Spain, or the name Tepeyac , aka Tepe Yacac, “Hill of Iachos” of Greek fame, - ancestor of “Pan”. The natives may have known this image as “Coatlaxopeuh", “Crusher of the snake”.
If you could spend the time, view carefully the figures at the feet of the image on this webpage…

To myself, the amateur, these pagan ancient images indicate the unmistakable clash of old world “Pan-Dionysius-Tonatiuh-Iachos” religious cults being suppressed by more recent “Selene-Dark Madonna Moon Goddess” cults. My opinion doesn’t count, let the experts decide.

All these things today are amazing, sacred, very sensitive coincidences of EXTREME religious antiquities, compelling me to go visit these areas personally some day in the future.

Among the many valid ideas and histories, I am here to present an additional theory on this sacred image, that it is a highly articulated map of the final resting place of an entire civilization that was once West of Mexico, and is now almost entirely lost and underwater.

Imageshack one: The Pacific Ocean floor, centered near the Galapagos Islands, West of Mexico

First image is the NOAA-Google Earth version of the Pacific Ocean, with North rotated 90 degrees clockwise, with Central America at the bottom of the screen. While every square yard of this image seems to show architected human habitats and roads, I am focusing on the center of the screen which is the highest topographic elevation on the ocean floor (enhanced area around Galapagos). On the far right are the areas of Puerto Vallarta, Isla Maria Madre, and Isla Maria Magdalena. One o’clock is Hawaii, 11 o’clock is Tahiti.

The interesting thing I learned from this first image is that it contains a man-made, 1700 mile staggered habitat line (actually a North South oriented canal/high-way), that travels from the Puerto Vallarta area (and Isla Maria Madre set of islands), towards an underwater terminus labeled “Quebrada Fracture Zone”. From there, in staggered paths, it heads another 3800 miles towards the Eltanin Fracture Zone in Antarctica. Total mileage: 5500.

I have found many Fracture Zones on the ocean floors to be “man-enhanced”, but Mother nature is never this precise, and these North-South canals/high-ways are entirely "man made". The Chinese with their “Great Walls” resemble the closest to mimicking these architected monstrosities.

I will be inventing an ocean-floor feature-name here, calling the 5500 mile series of horizontal canal/high-ways, El Camino de Vallarta, the Highways of the Path of God (shown in yellow).

Imageshack two: The “Our Lady” image might be a map of the ocean floor.

The second news is that I am showing a “plausible”, though not explicit overlay of the Guadalupe image and the ocean floor around the Galapagos Islands. Over the thousands of years, embellishments occurred in the artwork, and I think the original geographic map has been slightly altered. I am 95% sure of this overlay.

The interesting news is that King Portraits which saturate the area, contain very familiar Greek, Babylonian, and Roman style features, including beards, possibly Centurion style helmets.

Imageshack three: Up close on the hands and face area of the image, overlaying the Pacific ocean floor.

Imageshack four: Lower torso overlay of ocean floor, North of Colombia and Bolivia, Southwest of Mexico

I say it plausibly matches. Visit sacred Mexico and Our Lady Guadalupe. Say many prayers for all of us, pray for peace and harmony and prosperity.

And to our brothers and sisters around the world, solidarity with Moscow

Andrea Bocelli and the Academy of Choir Art of Russia,
The Divine Feminine, Universal Motherhood, Goddess of Creation for all of us, all over the world…
Love, Peace, Happiness to all, Happy Easter, Happy life!!!

Ave Maria ... re=related
Ed Ziomek
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Pillars of Hercules, North of Canaries, SW of Gibraltar?

Postby Ed Ziomek » Fri Aug 27, 2010 1:02 am

On the History Channel blogsite, I was contributing to an ongoing discussion of various theories: Where was Atlantis located? I was in the Greenland area, others were in the Med, others were off the coast of Gibraltar.

Most modern historians will attribute Gibraltar as the most likely location of the “Pillars of Hercules”. In my mind, I proposed that maybe the coastlines were further into the Atlantic, making Gibraltar irrelevant.

In trying to research the other opinions, I did find very interesting, “matching bookend” Islands, West of the ocean bottom Agadir Canyon, 490 miles at 259 degrees from Gibraltar. And I did find amazing twin peak structures all around this area.

In continuing the research line of the channel from the Gibraltar area, past the Canaries Islands, I studied the depths available on the Google Earth/NOAA satellite image, with interesting results.

The shallowest depth (-14,300 ft) appears to be the narrowest point of the channel, supporting a sediment runoff dynamic filling the gap. Coincidentally, this is where the “matching bookend islands” are located on both sides of the ancient waterway channel. I call these mountain rises "Jachin" on the West side, "Boaz" on the Eastern side, from the Solomon mythology, until I learn their official submerged names.

Depth Chart, from Gibraltar to the Canaries


Detail of Original Pillars of Hercules, at narrowest point of channel, with two peaks West and East, 65 miles apart. Depth at this point labeled -14,300 feet.


Detail the singularly most remarkable Twin Peaks, of 5 or 6 volcanic cone shaped twin peaks in the immediate area.


Two days more research, and then, maybe, maybe,… did I find something familiar?

Self explanatory, found many-many concentric circular type habitats, one more profound than the others, just North of the Dacia Seamount, and South of Agadir Canyon (right wing of Original Hercules Pillars)

Heart is pumping folks, do you see what I see? Extremely faint, extremely vague, but .... CIRCULARS!


The dimension of the outer circular area is 33 miles by 33 miles, and indicates heavy sediment coverage and very faint outlines.

And to top it off, I found a three peak mountain range “Trident” in the area of Paulo Riven's contributed image showing an area labeled “Lac Tritonyde”.


Uploaded with

I know I am dead-on close, but can I say I have pinpointed the Atlantis of legend? No.

PS, from the amazing 1900 book, Prolegomena to the Study of Greek Religion, by Jane Ellen Harrison, page 118, the name Ades is “Temple”, so possibly Ades-Tlan-Tos, is possibly… the Temple of the Land of the Gods?

Keep pushing folks, you are taking all of us to the Grail, to everyone in the world, thank you all.

Is this…. Eureka????!!!!!!!

Break out the champagne, my brothers and sisters who helped me get here…”
Alex Sokolowski,
Graham Hancock, Fingerprints of the Gods
Dan Brown, DaVinci Code
Richard Haut, and Kevin, Architecture Week Magazine,, et al, wherever you be
Google Earth, and NOAA
Adobe Photoshop
History Channel everything…
Jim Issler, “Born to Live, Share the Love of all”, HHB….
My three inspirational sons, John of Houston, Jim of Manhattan, Tom of Montclair
Doc, Mike, Paulo Riven on History Channel, and a bazillion others… Gratia!
Ed Ziomek
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Giza Pyramids overlay closely, Triton 3-peaks

Postby Ed Ziomek » Sun Aug 29, 2010 10:36 am

In continuance of the subject, I believe I have found that the volcanic-coned mountain ridge, with three magnificent peaks I believe called the Tritonydes in ancient times, the highest peak-portions show almost the exact angular and gps North latitude lines of the Giza Pyramids.



Uploaded with

Two naming coincidences?

Gadeira of Atlantis legends, and Agadir Canyon, Agadir Morocco.

Wah-dee-rah... River of the Sun, or ?? Way of the Sun God

Deucalion of Atlantis legends, and Dacia Seamount, immediately next to the Atlantean concentrics. Tay-shahs, Tex-sahs, Tay-kahs, Divine Chief of God.

The 3 peaks of the Triton Ridge have a base at 9,000 feet down, and reach heights almost to the present surface, at -752, -786, and -1196 feet below sea level.

The Dacia Seamount reaches from 12,000 feet down to just -37 feet down from the sea level.

More to come, too many coincidences, too many benchmarks, I really think this is IT!
Ed Ziomek
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Intricate, Coincidental Geographic Details, "Z-Atlantis

Postby Ed Ziomek » Tue Sep 28, 2010 2:42 pm

The following are intricate, coincidental details of the concentric circle areas found all around the Dacia Seamount, for the moment calling it “Z-Atlantis”, “Zk-1”. It should be mentioned that an official of the NOAA does NOT see anything of significance in this area and states “The water is over 10,000 feet deep at the point you indicate, and has never had a high-resolution survey…”

Using another satellite facility computer generated map from Indiana University and the NOAA, along with extreme Photoshop manipulation, I have found a massive convergence area approx. 41 miles West of the Dacia Seamount, boxed in by the Seine-"Jachin", Essaouira-"Boaz", and Dacia Seamounts, with Porto Santo on the further West.

References: images from NOAA and Indiana University ... 5N045W.jpg

Imageshack one, the full view of the Seine-Essasourian Channel, with North rotated to 2 o’clock. The middle image shows a major superimposed ovular circle, “Pleiades cosmic egg”, criss-cross highways/canals, concentric circles, convergences, and geographic locations. The third display segment is a clean image, with many other laser beam roads, ovular circles, and convergences shown.


Image 2 is an upclose view of the Seine-Essourian Channel and plain areas, where you will see a convergence of canals/highways, with several very faint circular landscaped areas, each being 30-265 miles across. In addition, I have labeled two of those concentric circle areas on the ridgeline, one to the North Mikado-N, and one to the South Mikado-S.


Uploaded with

I don’t know what purpose the triad of concentrics served, but they certainly resemble the pyramid of Giza arrangements. Mikado North is part of the Agadir Canyon, very similar to the Atlantean name Gadeira, (Wah-dee-ear-Ra)

It should also be noted I am virtually certain that the ovular circle area, 265+ miles long, 175+ miles wide, encompasses 5 sets of twin volcanic cones, the largest being the Dacia seamount area, very similarly matching the Atlantean legend.
I am temporarily naming the most prominent, man-made convergence in the Plains area, attached to the outermost concentric ring of “Z-Atlantis” as the "Lamendola Convergence", named for Paulie Lamendola of Fair Lawn, New Jersey, my son's best friend who passed on at a young age.

The Lamendola Convergence may have been the "more modern path for ocean vessels coming from the directions of Gibraltar and the Seine Seamount.

I suspect that in even earlier millennia, these man-made deeper water channels were not needed, but that the surrounding volcanic and seamount rises constantly threatened the middle convergences with mud-slides.

And as we regularly see from Central and South America, landslides and mudslides that avalanche into a body of water create tsunami effects and drown out the surroundings as well as raise lake water level areas with sediment deposits.

I am theorizing that the concentric circles North-Middle-South of the Dacia Seamount served the multiple purposes of "agricultural-mud-slide" control off the surrounding mountain peak areas (some 10,000 feet higher than Atlantis), as well as fresh water reservoir duties for the lower level habitats (2500 feet lower westerly towards the Lamendola Convergence), as well as being the political central "toll collector" of two river-channel convergences, (Wadi Ira from the Gibraltar-Africa, Agadir canyon direction, and the main channel from the Seine-Seamount area).
East and Northeast of the "Z-Atlantis" concentrics were fresh water lake and rivers, -10,000 feet deep today, while west, Northwest, and Southwest were salt water "ocean", bays, and canals (at -14,300 feet deep today).
The navigation routes for ocean vessels, showing the deeper part of the Seine-Essaouira channel seems to be an intricate dog-leg shown in red, from Northeast of the Seine Seamount, down to Lamendola, and then Southwest towards the Madeira channel. This is also the salt water route, but shows inconsistencies in depth indicating sediment filling. It certainly deserves more scientific and competent review than I can give it, and that is an understatement.

While the Dacia and Sekhmet Seamounts are likely landslide-candidates, a collapse of the volcanic cone areas 50 miles to the Southeast of Dacia Seamount, in the Triton North, Central, or South peak-areas, into the shallow fresh water lake/reservoir system (now at 10,000 feet down), probably made a Tsunami covering the entire area down to the lower valley areas (13,000 feet down), and mud-sliding into the channel area, shutting down navigation in all areas.

The subtle topographic data elements provided magically by Google Earth seem to support this dynamic action, which probably repeated 1000 times over the last 10,000 years.

There is much to see, much to survey, much to detect, is all I can say.

A semi-correction: the name "Dacia" of Dacia Seamount may have been an acronym for a Cable laying ship of the early 20 century, which coincidentally is virtually identical with the Atlantean Terra-Tchaus/Tartessos, and the Greek Goddess of "Fortune" Tyche, and the Egyptian "Divine Chief" Tchaus-Texas, usually associated with Tehoti, Djeheuty, Thoth, with his Pentagram and five pointed star.

So is Dacia an acronym, or was it named for the Greek Goddess, or the surrounding islands, or factually called in ancient times... "The Fortunate Islands", or the "Hesperides" - 'the Paradise", "Pera Diceas", or "the Spirits"?

In my amateur thinking, all of the names infer... "the lucky ones", the "regal ones", the “blessed”, the “fortunate”, the “Divine”.

Up soon: likely Temple of Poseidon locations, and the 5-pointed Atlas pose of the Dacia Seamount, human habitat constructions.
Ed Ziomek
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Similarities, Identicalness? Dacia Seamount/Teotihuacan

Postby Ed Ziomek » Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:32 am

Repeating, all of this information is my amateur opinion, which all readers can dismiss. .

In the following images, I will start comparing the Atlantean myth, and the Teotihuacan reality from the Valley of Mexico.

As will be displayed soon in the Davalos-Aparicio map, both locations seem related, almost identical, as if the pre-Aztecan builders in the Valley of Mexico were long-lost survivors of the cataclysm of Atlantis. And it should be mentioned, there are easily historical references to 200-500 indigenous tribes in Central America, including "Totonakas", Mayan, and Aztecan, all of whom were probably related to Atlantean cultures of 10,000 years ago.

Example of Atlantean names, symbolics, from the Valley of Mexico, Davalos map (owned by the City of Mexico City, sold as a $5 tourist map)

Atlantean style names of the Valley of Mexico: Atlatzinco, Atlauntenco, Atlaco, Atzacualco, Atlanco, Atlacuinuayan, Atlazolpa, Atlapulco, Atlipac, Atoyac. These names are dispersed as if they were identifying parts of the Osirian Empire World, starting with the area around Morocco.

Example of Aztecan/Greek similarities,

Uploaded with

The Atlantean legend itself speaks of the wealth and knowledge of its time were distributed to at least two other locations around the world. While the dates of the Sun Temple complex of Teotihuacan are tentatively dated in the modern era, i.e., 400 AD, there are at least four layered cities still buried under the mud of the Valley of Mexico which have never been identified. Note: The City of Mexico City still sinks 4 inches per year into the ancient Lake-bed foundation.

A recurring iconograph symbol displayed repeatedly along the Avenida de Morte, is the rectangular box with three vertical stripes underneath, a universal hieroglyphic defined as "the underworld". I believe this coincides indirectly with the Atlantean legend of Atlas having to "set down three apples", so he could assume the new role (tricked into it, actually, by Hercules), of holding up the celestial heavens. So while the modern Zeus was the Olympian God of the heavens and skies, the nasty businesses of destructive storms, natural disasters, and bad events were layed on the shoulders of the traitor Atlas, the Titan. (How convenient for Zeus, no doubt).

However, in time epochs before Zeus, the God of all Gods was Tehoti, Thoth, Djeheuty, Tchaus, "Texas", and probably followed by the more human-like Osiris, whose A-ats, "Kingdoms" were most likely on what are now the bottom of the oceans and seas. With the cataclysmic rising of waters, destroying the A-ats, the regional kingdoms of Osiris became the "regions of death". Example A-at-Set-Tchaus, Aztecas, Aztecs.

A-at-te-Los, Region of the God of Light, i.e., the "rising sun". Atlas. Also note, compare Atlas, with Tla-los, Aztecan God of thunder, lightening, who is known for his "google-eyes" images!

So with this background information, I am presenting the comparison image of the area around the Dacia Seamount (37 feet below sea level), including the Tritonyde Mountain range (underwater, peaks are 700-1100 feet below sea level), the flat level plain in between them, the circular concentrics of the Z-Atlantis area, and the interconnecting roads which seem to display an Atlas-style pose. This pose could also be a 5-star pentagram, the entire portion seems to align themselves within 1 degree of the Giza pyramids.


Uploaded with

It appears that Atlas's legs stand on what could be a moon "mountain", with the other leg on the sun "mountain". Hercules and Atlas had one leg on both the moon and the sun, the night and the day, underworld and overworld, I believe. Those are the "pillars of Hercules" of Atlantean legend, wherein the Hercules and Atlas legends transcended the whole world. Not shown in this image are the Seine ("Sin" or "Cheyenne", Moon Goddess), and the Essaouira Seamounts (Osiris, Ra, Sun God), which I believe are the ancient Pillars of Hercules, although the name may have previously been "Pillars of Osiris", or "Pillars of Thoth".

Again, I am learning these things 5 minutes before I post, we are all students. Much more to come. We are all connected.
Ed Ziomek
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Temple of Te-chau-Ka-Ko, aka Poseidon, maybe?

Postby Ed Ziomek » Wed Oct 27, 2010 1:59 am

In my opinion, the definitive benchmark location proving the existence of Atlantis of the Plato fame is/will be, the Temple of Poseidon, with the team of horses pulling a golden chariot.

But there are problems in my observations and speculations. How could there be a golden chariot 10,000 years ago, when the agreed upon domestication of the horse was only 3,500 years ago?

And the chariot? The chariot is agreed to have been invented or introduced in the 1800 BC time frame. How could a chariot be in a temple 10,000 years ago, the agreed upon Atlantean date?

And then there is the naming convention, wherein Solon was told that the Atlantean names were different and changed into Greek recognizable names.

Now, in my opinion, as ocean floor habitats were lost to rising waters and sediment, Atlantis as a capital city was probably moved. Yes, there most probably were a series of Atlantean "capitals", pre-Egyptian, pre-Greek, Greek, possibly Mayan/Aztec, for which I will explain later. Nobody knows, and certainly I don't know, we can only table the benchmark clues and observation guesswork.

Finally, I have found evidence where a previous name of Poseidon may have been Co-co-tekas, or Te-chau Ka Ko, much like Titicaca, Texcoco, and Chicago, all referring to the Divine Chief Osiris. (the original name of Kak-Kah was the sound made by the extremely intelligent Raven bird, his symbol at one time)

Anyways, I am firmly believing that the Dacia Seamount with its concentric circles and surrounding multiple pairs of volcanic cone shapes, along with the Agadir-Gadeira naming similarities, and the Seine-Essaouira Seamounts, all strongly suggest that I have found the legendary home of the Titans and the Atlanteans.

So where is the Temple of Te-chau-Ka-Ko, aka Poseidon? I am purely guessing here, but there is one strategic location, visible for thousands of square miles surrounding it in Google Earth, at a major "sentry-observation point" which could relay messages to all locations around the area, and that is a small hilltop/pyramid in the virtual middle of the expansive valley.


Uploaded with

As you might observe, this location is also at the convergence of what appears to be two major criss-cross highways or canals. If it is not Poseidon, it is a major strategic temple structure of some type, with its peak 13,800 feet deep, it may be 10 to 20,000+ years old, and it may have been a pyramid as opposed to an upright-roofed Temple, at least in the pre-Greek version. (Note: nearby human habitats at 17,000 feet deep are provable, i.e., the Cynthia and Larkin Jones Quadrangle mentioned earlier.)

I am only an amateur, non-academic, and this is a non-scientific tabling of my observations for smarter persons than myself to review. Much more to explain on this...
Ed Ziomek
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