Ancient Underwater City-scapes, Visible with Google Earth?

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Piri Reis was a road map of the Atlantic ocean floor

Postby Ed Ziomek » Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:29 am

This time I took the Piri Reis map around the Gibraltar area, and evacuated the inside coloring.

I was expecting just to have only the navigation lines remaining. Instead, because the photo manipulation software differentiates between such extreme fine colorations, I ended up with what appeared to be exquisitely featured, city-habitat locations, in numerous circular-walled arrangements, connected by navigation lines.

How could this be? Was the Piri Reis map a sailing navigation map, or a land navigation map, or both? Was it pinpointing ancient cities, under the top paint? Was there a map buried under the top coat?

Yes. and Yes. and Yes again. etc.

I now confirm my earlier belief that the Piri Reis map is an ocean floor road, city, and country chart, when the Atlantic was dry. Piri Reis allegedly used 20 ancient maps to create this map. I now strongly believe that he instead, probably used one can of artistic white paint to overbrush the ocean floor features.

There is a map underneath the visible map of today, and over the last 400 years, the ocean floor cities and landscape features are percolating to the top, discoloring the overpaint, and showing up in my Photoshop as differentiated colors.

So I am giving two views on this, the original “purple ocean-floor” section of Spain/Morocco going West towards Newfoundland, and the yellow backgrounded, cutout/evacuated version of the Piri Reis map, with registration marks that line up with the previous ocean-floor image (yellow over purple).



The area immediately West of Gibraltar/Morocco to the mid-Atlantic Ridge, is the traditionally accepted area of “Atlantis”, and the Piri Reis map shows the massive habitat concentrations and converging road/navigation systems.

Ask yourself, if this was a sailing navigation map, why would the massive convergence areas be displayed in the middle of a featureless ocean? Those large dots are the major cities of the ancient world, where the lines cris-cross and converge.

As before, if one opens the new Piri Reis image in Photoshop, transfers the background image to a new file, deletes the yellow color, then overlays this new image with the purple ocean floor image from last week, aligning the registration marks, one can toggle the Piri Reis landmarks over and under the ocean floor image.

Fasten your intellectual seat belt. How could the 10,000 year-ago, pre-flood-ancients accomplish such detail? What remarkable, REMARKABLE accuracy and educational value! Cities, roads, concentric landscapes, spiral landscapes, probably temple convergence points, all seem to pop up and show themselves.

Ask yourself: "The largest visible artistic object is what?"

Answer, “the boat image, turned on its side North of the Azores”.

Again, several more Atlantean city candidates are evident, but the boat area north of the Azores is the most tantalizing to me (lion’s head area), mostly because of its size in display. This is also the area of the triangle, the upside down mountain in the "Atlantis map".

The Piri Reis map features, - UNDER the cover-paint, are more remarkable than what is visible, on top of the paint.

I will be notifying the Turkish and Moroccan governments of these hidden features. A simple back light should illuminate most of the sub-surface features, and be compared with satellite geography of the Atlantic.
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Bernie is dethroned.

Postby Ed Ziomek » Thu Mar 12, 2009 2:01 pm

I am just now made aware that what I have been calling the Bamford-Chester Quadrangle, a habitat and temple complex found West of the Canary Islands, may have been an earlier find by Cynthia and Larkin Jones.


If nothing else, Bernie Bamford, if he exists, publicized this location to the world, if not actually discovering the area first. Several requests by myself to contact him have not been successful.

Congratulations to all: Cynthia and Larkin Jones, and Bernie Bamford of Chester, England.
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South of Sardinia... Ee-tah-lee as Ah-tee-lan-tos?

Postby Ed Ziomek » Sun Mar 15, 2009 6:07 pm

My next addition was to add the explicit human habitat locations, the convergence points, in the entrance to the Gibraltar Straits. But I soon realized, why should I limit myself West of Gibraltar, when so many habitats involved the ocean floors to the East of Gibraltar?

In fact, in my first image, I show the area to the West of Gibraltar all the way East to Sicily in the Mediterranean. (red-arrows, ancient water-channel areas)

What increasingly caught my eye were the narrow straits South of Sardinia, West of Sicily, and North of Tunis.

The short of it all is that I am adding my name to the list of persons who see the serious plausibility of the area South of Sardinia, near the Island of Zalita, as a potential Atlantis City site.

Narrow strait in the ancient world.
Way to the other ocean (Atlantic, West of Gibraltar)
On a long promotory

Then I find out, I am years late, with many other previous authors studying these phenomeni.

In my first image, I show all the obvious human habitat areas in yellow dots, with virtually all blue areas showing ancient human habitat indicators, in convergent circles of various sizes, situated even on most of the deepest ocean floor locations.

I also highlighted three massive concentric circle habitat areas, with center temple type locations, with the names “Abraham”, “Sarah-Isaac”, and “Hagar-Ishmael”. Possibly these mid-channel, city/country locations have already been named, but I find these names appropriate to all surrounding cultures.

Second image, I then enlarged the area south of Sardinia, having outlined the Sicilian coastline into the channel towards Tunis, and labeling the land areas especially the protrusion called “Cap Bon”, which might plausibly be one half of the two ancient “Pillars of Hercules”. (not at Gibraltar??) Light blue dots, slightly offset, show fascinating "city-type" convergence points that litter the ocean floor, with much of it showing mud-type overlays from surrounding elevations.


I cannot vouch for any of these locations as the physically explicit “City of Atlantis”, but certainly many of the benchmarks for the Plato myth seem to ALSO fit in this location, and it needs to be mentioned and displayed for further academic review.

And on the etymology side, I am fascinated with the naming similarities, Atlantis, Italy, Ee-tah-lee-aa, A-tee-los, and “Zah-lee-tah”.

Very, very close, and interesting, but no proof.

Sergio Frau, Sardinia as part of Atlantis (very interesting position!) ... 1890674321

Sardinia as Atlantis ... =atlantide

Etruscans, and the Atlantean roots? ... 4317.shtml
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Flying Serpent

Postby Ed Ziomek » Thu Mar 26, 2009 2:45 am

Barbarians are close. What to do?

Every Business Management School should begin and end with the classic quote... “If you can measure it, you can manage it.” This Jack Welch, General Electric quote came to my mind when I examined an ancient flying serpent graphic that seemed to overlay the geographic tapestry between Europe and the Americas.

I can see Constantine in Constantinople asking...”How pervasive is the flying dragon culture?”
“I need a map to measure the threat of these barbarians, make it a giant snake!”

Then again, possibly it was the Romans who sponsored this map, just before the Barbarians conquered them from the North. Or maybe it was a long forgotten Pope in the Vatican, trying to measure the pagan world to the North and West.

The Flying Serpent image is most likely a map of those barbarian invaders:
The flying serpent image comfortably, but not perfectly, fits over the geographic landscape from the Bosphorus of Istanbul (left horn), to Sardinia (right horn), to the eye area (Germany/Denmark), neck area (Cornwall/Wexford), belly of the beast - southwest Greenland, Middle of tail circling Bermuda, and end of tail around Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.

First image overlay, with highlighted main points, Eyes Germany/Denmark, end of tail is Florida, etc.

Second image thumbnail, evacuated serpent, slightly enhanced outline.

On one level, it probably tracks the known-extent of the “snake culture”, possibly the Atlantean-Osirian cultures, with the bowl helmet and two horns, who were wiped out in successive floods and cataclysms. (Osiris's hieroglyphic contained a helmet of a sun disk, with horns!)

On another level, it is probably a map of the barbarian advances against Rome and Constantinople. And how is the helmet-head area shaped? Answer: Similar to a rounded-Bowl, with two horns, very Viking like! (more on this later)

On a third level, this serpent image seems to pinpoint long lost city-centers, now on the ocean floors.

On a DNA level, it seems to trace the Western edge of the Finno-Urgaic genes into the New World, i.e., wherein many “experts” will claim "no proven European DNA in the Amerindian tribes", yet WILL admit to Finno-Urgaic traces from Hungary to the Americas. (I am confused on this issue, certainly)

Finally, as an amateur in the genes-area that I am, I believe this serpent image also might show the Haplotype X marker-routes, and their origins, from the Basque regions of Spain, to Finland, Latvia, and Northern European areas into the Northern Americas across an Icelandic-Greenland land bridge. There is the argument that mitochondrial markers of the Amerindians do not support European influence beyond explanations and categories of “admixture post Columbus”, “Mestizos”, and Finno Urgaic, but I counter-add with the probability that European sailors and warriors were likely all male groups of small numbers, who mated with larger populations of female locals once they arrived in the Americas. Would their male genes of 4000 years ago, show in mitochondrial markers of modern tests? I don't know. Let me leave those thoughts with the experts, for which I do not claim to be.

All in all, I am in the 70% confidence level on this one, a very interesting match of sorts.

Finno-Ugric peoples- Wikipedia
The Finno-Ugric peoples is a historic linguistic group of peoples in Europe who speak Finno-Ugric languages, such as the Finnic (Finns and Estonians) and the Ugric peoples (Hungarians).[1] Finno-Ugric languages are not related to Indo-European languages, such as Germanic languages spoken by Germanic peoples; Slavic languages spoken by Slavic peoples and Romance languages by Romance peoples.

Ethnically and genetically Finno-Ugric peoples do not differ from their Indo European speaking neighbors except the Sami whose distinct genetic pool is based on the two most frequent maternal linages that are rare among modern Europeans: the first Homo sapiens inhabitants of Europe and the second, descendants of common ancestors with Catalonians and the Basque people, one of the earliest inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula.[2]

X Haplotype, Western Europe and traces in the Americas? ... ?prod=MOBU

MtDNA Haplotype X: An Ancient Link between Europe/Western Asia and North America?
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Tehoti, Djeheuty, Thoth, Dao De, Hermes Trismegistus

Postby Ed Ziomek » Tue Apr 07, 2009 4:09 pm

One of my earliest achievements was to theoretically decipher the Western Wall of Teotihuacan and its relation to Tehoti of Egypt.
It should come as no surprise that I later found my favorite author, “GH”, also had noticed in 1994 that the Western Wall of Teotihuacan contained animal-God symbolism identical to Egyptian God symbolism. And let me add what you already know, that the Tehoti mythologies were later adopted by the Greeks in the Hermes Trismegistus legends, and even the Taoism beliefs in China, I believe.

I think I was also lucky enough to find the meaning of what Tehoti, aka Thoth, aka Teoti, aka Dao De, was doing on that wall at Teoti-huacan, and the short of it was that he was practicing magic on the Northern Constellations animal-icon symbols...
Wallis Budge in the book "Egyptian Magic", 1904 pg 143...
"If thou wouldst read a book possesses of magic powers, come with me and I will show it to thee, the book was written by Thoth himself, and in it were two formulae. The recital of the first will enchant (or bewitch) heaven, earth, hell, sea, and mountains, and by it thou shalt see all the birds, reptiles and fish, for its power will bring the fish to the top of the water."

Imagine my EXTREME good luck and good fortune AGAIN in finding the image of Tehoti, the Wandering Sage, on the floor of the Arctic Ocean, on the present day Arctic circle, just North of the spam Island of Ostrov Oktyabryskoi Revolutski. Need I add, that this figure is nearby some military type installations, and is presently obscured on Google Earth.

So the Tehoti mythology and image spans the entire globe of cultural acceptance, in various evolving forms, and I think I found two artistic renditions of them for the world to review.

I then considered, would the Arctic “Wandering Sage-Tehoti” line up with the “Magic Bird” of Teotihuacan? It didn’t, but it stoked my interest anyways.


First image shows three lines, starting at point 1 (yellow dot), with line number 4 going on the left of today’s True North, to the Wandering Sage image (green dot) on the Arctic circle.

Second line, labeled 3, is today’s True North.

Third line, labeled 2, is the explicit North South line of Teotihuacan’s era, with Tehoti facing North, and heading East, approx. 20 degrees from today’s True North.

Second image is a comparison of the “Magic Bird” Tehoti deciphered from the Western wall, with the “Wandering Sage Tehoti, Dao De” of the Arctic Circle.


References, Tehoti/Thoth, and Dao De Jing (Taoism)

THE ARCHAIC UNDERGROUND TRADITION By Author Unknown ... ground.htm
1) Ancient Egyptian Tradition
In the ancient city of Annu (later called On in the Bible and Heliopolis by the Greeks) there was a great sacred pillar, itself named Annu - possibly before the city. This, we believe, was the great pillar of Lower Egypt and its counterpart in Upper Egypt at the time of unification was in the city of Nekheb. Later the city of Thebes, known then as 'Waset', had the title 'Iwnu Shema', which meant 'the Southern Pillar'.

The twin pillars of the Two Lands became the Pillars of Hermes and the attributes of the ancient Egyptian moon god Thoth became absorbed into Hermes...It was said that this god [Thoth] possessed all secret knowledge on 36,535 scrolls that were hidden under the heavenly vault (the sky) which could only be found by the worthy, who would use such knowledge for the benefit of mankind.
- Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas, The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus

The Life and Teachings of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus
THUNDER rolled, lightning flashed, the veil of the Temple was rent from top to bottom
THE MUTILATED HERMETIC FRAGMENTOn the subject of the Hermetic books, James Campbell Brown, in his History of Chemistry, has written: Leaving the Chaldean and earliest Egyptian periods, of which we have remains but no record, and from which no names of either chemists or philosophers have come down to us, we now approach the Historic Period, when books were written, not at first upon parchment or paper, but upon papyrus. A series of early Egyptian books is attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, who may have been a real savant, or may be a personification of a long succession of writers. * * *

He is identified by some with the Greek god Hermes, and the Egyptian Thoth or Tuti, who was the moon-god, and is represented in ancient paintings as ibis-headed with the disc and crescent of the moon. The Egyptians regarded him as the god of wisdom, letters, and the recording of time. It is in consequence of the great respect entertained for Hermes by the old alchemists that chemical writings were called 'hermetic,' and that the phrase 'hermetically sealed' is still in use to designate the closing of a glass vessel by fusion, after the manner of chemical manipulators. We find the same root in the hermetic medicines of Paracelsus, and the hermetic freemasonry of the Middle Ages.

It is no doubt in my mind, that the Tehoti of the Western Hemisphere is identical to the teachings of Dao De Jing, or Taoism. The “Path of God”

Wandering Sage, Tao De Ching, (81 Chapters, Paths of God)

18. Hypocrisy
When the Way is forgotten
Duty and justice appear;
Then knowledge and wisdom are born
Along with hypocrisy.

When harmonious relationships dissolve
Then respect and devotion arise;
When a nation falls to chaos
Then loyalty and patriotism are born.

33. Virtues
Who understands the world is learned;
Who understands the self is enlightened.
Who conquers the world has strength;
Who conquers the self has harmony.
Who is determined has purpose;
Who is contented has wealth.
Who defends his home may long endure;
Who surrenders his home may long survive it.

Net, net... on the obscuring of ancient glyphs and architectural pieces...
“It is what it is, and the powers that be must do what they must do.” But for historical purposes, let me show the world what it looks like, pre-covered.
I am again, truly humbled!
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South Pacific, solid human habitat indicators

Postby Ed Ziomek » Thu Apr 09, 2009 11:24 pm

Re-affirming what has been written about, and mapped out, and discussed, and selectively confirmed over the last several hundred years, I am adding my name once more, to the list believing in the human habitats of the Pacific Ocean floors.

First view, of the North South line of Teotihuacan, which extends into the South Pacific area 92 miles West of Easter Island. The entire area of blue, estimated at 6300 miles wide in this Google Earth view, and 5300 miles North-South, 33 million square miles shows extensive, concentrated road systems, convergence points, sequential mud/water or agricultural wall systems, and numerous, hundreds if not thousands of artwork examples.



Expanding on the area 123 miles North of Easter Island, I show what appears to be overlapping Venus Stars, facial portraits, a Moon face, a Pleiades cosmic egg circle, and massive city/temple centers.

Net, net, I am confirming exactly what everybody else has been saying and mapping out before me.

It is almost as if everything has reversed... with the perplexing indications that the ancient lowest elevations were populated, at the same time everyone agrees that geographic elevations have changed radically, over apparently short, 20,000 year periods of time.
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What India always knew about... Indus Valley Civilization

Postby Ed Ziomek » Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:35 am

As I have mentioned a few times, two of the greatest achievements of humankind, of our lifetime are the Genographics Project, (is there any other suitable description?), authored by Spencer Wells, IBM, National Geographic, and originally Sears, along with the Human Genome Project of the National Institutes of Health and Department of Energy.

I do not know the explicit details of the results, it is way beyond my intellectual understanding, but I did hear Spencer Wells inform the world that the original “Grand Central Station” for all humankind DNA is generally agreed to be Africa, with a secondary origination point being Central Asia, from which virtually all Europeans, Asians, and Amerindians came from.

Yes, I can expect refinements and better explanations to correct me if I am not saying it right, I understand that, but what I am carefully adding to the already incredible mix is the tourist observation that the North South line of Teoti-huacan (when extended to the other side of the world) seems to split both the Central Asian countries of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, even Afghanistan, and also seems to intersect the Indus Valley civilization known areas (onshore and underwater).


Is this merely a fascinating coincidence? And is it any further coincidence that the Central Asian areas are very high altitude, and susceptible to safe haven for humanoids to survive lower elevation flood conditions, in some distant past?

Was this ancient North-South-line a celestially-oriented highway, a “prime meridian” navigation system among the ancient humanoids, traveling across the continents, and consequently, DNA dispersion?

While every elementary school child in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, is taught about the amazing Indus Valley civilization, and their architecture of running water, sewer systems, lightening rods on their homes, even probable flying machines back as far as 9000 BC, for the rest of the world, my observation/theory is now on the table, for the WESTERN experts to review.

Indus Valley Civilization

Human Genome Project ... home.shtml

Genographic Project
https://genographic.nationalgeographic. ... index.html
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The New Space Race, and the Future Wealth of America

Postby Ed Ziomek » Thu Apr 16, 2009 1:38 am

As ten thousand people before me have written about, the ocean floors are the new space race. And for the best news I have heard in a long time...

From Yahoo News Today...
UN backs Norway claim to Arctic seabed extension ... noilenergy

"Norway has won the backing of the UN in its sovereignty claim over a potentially resource rich area of seabed, including a region in the much-courted Arctic Ocean, the government said Wednesday.

...The CLCS decision means Norway's continental shelf has been extended by 235,000 square kilometres (146,000 square miles), or "the equivalent of seven football pitches" for each Norwegian citizen out of a population of 4.8 million, Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere said.
The decision means Norway will benefit from exploitation rights in almost two million square kilometres in the Arctic region, Fife added."

Think of all the inventions that the OUTER space race and defense efforts generated or arguably expanded: integrated circuitry, personal computers, graphic user interfaces, large scale memory arrays, digital communications, microwave advancements, laser technologies, the mouse, super adhesives, the list is endless.

Well, the new INNER SPACE RACE are the ocean floors, vast mineral deposits, re-developed fish populations, and energy resources now accessible with advanced retrieving devices.

I see aqua-pod sites, tethered 1000 feet over the continental shelves, monitoring the oceans, sending out robots digging for samples, chasing away the driftnet fish sweepers, protecting the environment, and finding natural gas reserves close to our shores.

Oceanography. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The FUTURE wealth of America!!!

NOAA Commits $16 Million to Assist the Northeast Fishing Industry to Ease Transition to New Management of Groundfish

Department of Commerce Upholds NY State Objection to Broadwater LNG Project ... water.html
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Sydney Harbor, Australia, and Tasmania

Postby Ed Ziomek » Sun Apr 19, 2009 2:46 am

As I am winding down this thread, I needed to add underwater habitat areas of Australia, the seventh continent, to the other 6 continents already mentioned.

The actual physical continent of Australia shows very few internal, defined, human-habitat areas, while the surrounding ocean floors are saturated for some reason.

The human engineered, and architected, graphical images that are distinctly evident though, are what appear to be highly defined land bridges from the higher elevation shelf-areas near the coasts, down to the ocean floor. While not shown here, these radial highways are seen clearly in select coastal port areas via Google Earth, including immediately East of Sydney Harbor.

First image, the full continent of Australia highlighting Sydney Harbor and Tasmania.

Second, Sydney harbor, with very vague, harbor-floor King portraits, plus Point Pippen (still above water, and populated densely).



Third, Tasmania, and a facial portrait with the eye positioned 40 miles Southeast of Strahan on the coast.


Total underwater and onshore habitat areas displayed in this thread: 7 Continents, 5 Oceans, a lot of fun, and boatloads of education for me... hope you feel the same way too.

One more post to go!!!
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Ancient Units of Measure? Civil Engineering Dream?

Postby Ed Ziomek » Thu Apr 23, 2009 1:29 am

Civil Engineer’s Dream? Surveyor’s Puzzle? Weights and Measures Enigma?

I am closing out this thread, hopefully, with more questions, more amazing habitats on the ocean floors, for which I only can guess their age in thousands of years, and the sincere thanking you all for allowing me this space and time.

Earlier, I researched the area West of the Canaries islands which was discovered by Cynthia and Larkin Jones, and Bernie Bamford of Chester, England.

This man-made area showed every plausibility of being a mud/water protection area, with the apparent use of high embankments, levee wall systems, for channeling mud slides away from critical residential areas.

But if one wanted to do a quality control check, an effectiveness scorecard on these constructions, it would read Survivability, YES!, but ultimate destruction of the majority of the habitat, Also YES!

Side Note: Lately I found that there may be an Egyptian Hieroglyphic for this style of organized city-scape, and that is the hatched-marked “NOME” or “DISTRICT” symbolic.

I have searched all my known locations on the ocean floors throughout the world, and found three similar organized structures:

First example: North of Easter Island in the South Pacific: Distance between main walls of the levees is approximately 5.9 miles wide, by up to 230 miles long.
I am calling this area the “Thor Heyerdahl” location, after his Kon Tiki fame.

Second example: West of Dingle Ireland, towards Newfoundland: Distance between main walls of these embankment/ levees is also approximately 5.9 miles wide, by 363 miles long! (Why and HOW the virtually exact same width?)

I am calling this area the NEARA: “Across Before Columbus” location, after the great book that inspired me.

Third example... and the most spectacular, the floor of the Gulf of Mexico, South of Grand Isle, Louisiana, with a distance between main walls of these embankment/ levees .28 miles (intermediate channels), and 1.25 miles (main channels, which inexactly translates to 2011 meters) by 30-70 miles long!

I am calling this wonderful area, the “Spencer Wells” location, for all his great work on DNA studies.

This last location is a classic, containing first-culture artwork, which was apparently covered in mud in some deluge catastrophe, then levees were built over the top of everything, followed by city centers and low points showing further mud covering disasters. Note: The portrait of the King is visible in Google Earth, without enhancements, the "eye" located at 169 miles South, at 187 degres, and best visible at 56 miles high.

It is a progressive sequence of destructions, for which the area is several hundred square miles, for which we do not even have a name!

The end result of it all is that my re-discoveries became an internal debate between stunning art work, unit measurement treasure troves, and sequential, millenia time-studies in civil engineering remedies trying to resolve catastrophic mud slides and rising waters. Overwhelming!
And at the end of my 5 or 7 years of research, at the end of this thread on underwater cities, what do I know?

I think I now understand completely, that I know almost NOTHING of the billions of human beings, and multitudes of highly advanced cultures who lived in this area, and who perished in this area, for which the world has no known records!

But at least I can put my many questions and observations on the table, for future enthusiasts to wonder about, and as a result, this may be a small way we can truly honor our ancient ancestors, in all their habitats.

Thank you all for this opportunity on this great thread, website, and discussion Forum.
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Addendum: Floor of the Gulf

Postby Ed Ziomek » Mon Apr 27, 2009 9:03 am

Addendum: As mentioned in my last post, and illustrating the wonderful facial portraits found on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico, I am adding two new entries plus the previously displayed facial portrait, and their locations.


Red dot locator...
242 miles, 166 degrees from the center of Houston Texas, aspect of 90 degrees counter-clockwise

Yellow dot...
154 miles, 186 degrees from Grand Isle, Louisiana, aspect of today’s True North

Green dot...
170 miles, 188 degrees from Grand Isle, Louisiana, 180 degrees aspect, upside down...

Blue dot...
50 miles, at 119 degrees from Thomasin Lumps, Louisiana, also upside down, 180 degree aspect.
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Neptune from Canada: Sea Exploration hits new Frontier

Postby Ed Ziomek » Tue Jul 07, 2009 9:47 pm

Hail Canada! An amazing ocean research project, Neptune, online by September!

From ABC news, Canada is launching an ocean floor observatory on the Pacific coast, lead and organized by the University of Victoria. ... 1&src=news

The cost, $100 million dollars, put the payback will be in the billions, I am almost guaranteeing.

"We are just at the beginning of wiring the oceans" (for study)

"And nobody knows what secrets it will unlock".

How about ASTONISHING, economic, historical, pharmaceutical, chemical, just for starters.

Woods Hole, Massachusetts, Monterey Bay Aquarium, you deserve to be next!
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Garden of Eden, Garden of Aten, 40% confidence

Postby Ed Ziomek » Thu Jul 30, 2009 3:21 am

I keep telling myself, “end the thread”, only to come down with a blockbuster re-discovery, even if only in the 40% confidence range.

The Garden of Eden existed, I am convinced.

Let’s start with an articulate drawing of the city-scape of that Garden, showing Adam and Eve covering themselves in shame.

Now one, it could be a rather amateurish, poorly drawn image. Or it could be an artistic mythology piece with a genuine geographic meaning. I choose the second of course, and I now believe it is a very, very accurate map of the area around Bermuda.

While I have known about this drawing for several years, I never had the side “coincidences” that I have today, nor the Google Tools to do anything about my hunches.

The drawing has some very interesting angles to the “roads”, not conforming to a cross, not conforming to a Venus star or spiral, yet it is very explicit in the directions.

I told myself, if I ever came across these peculiar angles of roads, in my research of Piri Reis, or Brendan, or Atlantis, I would at least vocalize my theories.

If you note, on this drawing are the words/letters... Eufra, tel, agri, s.
Do these words mean Euphoria, Place of God, Fields? Are these indicators of the Fields of Bliss, Fields of the Blessed?

On another line you have “pozte”. Is this similar to the Valley of Mexico, “Pochtli”, meaning the “West”, or the “Left”, or even Po-sei-don, or “Set”?

In my mind, there is a plausible fit here, where the “Euphoric Fields of Bliss” possibly match the Eleusian Fields and “para”-paradise, where also the “pozte” could mean “Poseidon” or “West”.

The convergence of the roads might be an extremely important location, but for the moment, I have tentatively named this intersection the “Brown/Simmons/Harris Convergence” for the apparent massive temple structure and city complex at the center of the drawing, and for the three individuals who I have contacted in Bermuda including the Premier Dr. The Hon Ewart F. Brown, Jamahl Simmons, JP Executive Aide to the Premier, and Dr. Edward Harris of the Bermuda Maritime Museum. Bermuda was considered absolute center of the ancient world, pathway to Mother Earth!

Note, in the picture drawing, you have the palace structure at the bottom, showing what could be an “omphalos” or “Mother Goddess Yoni” gateway, which I believe is the “sparkling island”, the “white island” of Bermuda, entrance to the underworld, in the West!?

Also note: The Greek God Achilles is alleged to have been buried in the “sparkling island”, and recent tunnel networks have been found on the Bermuda Island.

Full "extracted" depiction, geographic location, with Bermuda in the 7 o’clock position.

This information may take 100 years to decipher, and I am putting it on the table for competent historians, experts to decipher, with the master location showing Bermuda near the center. .

And if we get past my guesswork, and the “maybes” which are cautious and valid, then I am offering the suggestion that the “Garden of Eden” of the Judaio Christian faith, and the “Garden of Aten” of Egyptian theology, may be one and the same.

Master NGDC/NOAA download, Atlantic area, with New Jersey in top left corner, Bermuda in the center. Create a new file with this labeled as “Layer one”.

Extraction graphic: Pull out the green in Photoshop and overlay the registration marks, as Layer 2, then toggle up and down, above and below master topographic area.

The spirits of all of our ancestors have blessed me one more time.
Ed Ziomek
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32 degrees North Latitude: Bermuda and Babylon

Postby Ed Ziomek » Fri Aug 07, 2009 4:10 am

Real quick addition...

Story number one...
32 degrees, 10-28 minutes North Latitude is where Bermuda is positioned on the globe, in the Western Atlantic.

32 degrees, 32 minutes is where Babylon is positioned in Iraq.

Where I am already proposing that the Garden of Eden depiction with the palace structure, containing the “Sparkling Island” of Bermuda, I am now proposing that this stone structure in the artwork design also symbolizes the identical architectural “gateway” on the opposite side of the world, the Gate of Ishtar at Babylon.


Stories 2 and 3...

The magnificent informational effect of the Photoshop false-coloring of the NGDC/NOAA topographic map around the Bermuda area again shows the magnificent road systems, all pointing towards mega city structure complexes it seems. I find myself mesmerized by all that it contains.


However, this map also seems to show a spiral effect starting hundreds of miles out, and circling in towards the island of Bermuda, the entrance to Mother Earth if my theory is correct.

Or is it just my imagination? Is everything a coincidence, - again, and again, and again?

I don’t think so. As I understand it, the entire Babylonian complex of Iraq was apparently built AFTER the flood era. I think this area was chosen for its idyllic latitude climate, along with the ample water resources, and certainly for its matching astronomic features identical with the Bermuda area.

And of course, it was above the water line.
Ed Ziomek
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Plausible Birthplace of the Athenians?

Postby Ed Ziomek » Sun Sep 06, 2009 1:26 am

More Greek artwork, more geographic matches I believe.

Today is the famous helmet of Athena, which I say matches the ocean floor geography just West of Ireland, and North of Azores.


From an ancient/alleged "Atlantis" map, there apparently were two oceans surrounding the mid-Atlantic continet, Oceanos in the East and Atlantecos in the West.

The Northern junction point is exactly the area of the match I am presenting today, as if over several thousand years, the ancients desperately tried to build a massive walled structure diverting all mud and rising waters away from Oceanos/Europe, and towards Atlantecos/Bermuda area.

The shape of the wall, the outline of the figure is in the form of the Athenian helmeted figure we all know, and the naming convention fits nicely as the female form of Aten (i.e., Ah-tee-nah). Aten, I believe represented the Sun-disk circle and Osiris, while Athena represented the Moon Goddess. The "mouth" of the overlay figure fits nicely with east-west parallel ridge lines, called "fracture zones". While these occur naturally, I can also believe that they were enhanced to provide navigation "roads/canals" from the Eastern Oceanos to the Western Atlantecos.

Remember the words, "It was the way to the other ocean", which are coincidentally from Plato's discourse of the fabled Atlantis, which also mentioned a temple to Athena.

Rather than get untracked, there are too many theoretical observations to be named here, so let me focus on the 700 x 700 mile geographic map and helmeted figure, for starters.

And of course, with my 99% confidence level on this particular match, there are many subsequent published, mythology depictions involving this famous helmeted Athena, which I am now deciphering, hopefully to be described later.

Obvious note: How was this map carried? Answer: On Greek coins, in everyone's pocket.

A puzzling irony, I am repeating here, that historians become more knowledgeable studying known, fixed events in time.

In studying pre-history, it is almost as if the stunning expanses of UN-KNOWNS reverses the process. It is as if, the deeper one goes, I become more and more understanding of how vastly ignorant we all are of our own history, and everything we call "Knowledge", the ancient "No-ah".

There is the additional thought, and I now strongly suggest I may have found the birthplace of the future Athenian Greeks, in their "Titan antiquities", (Tehoti, Teutonic, Totonaka) phase.
Ed Ziomek
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