Arizona Immigration Catastrophe? State overstepping Federal?

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Arizona Immigration Catastrophe? State overstepping Federal?

Postby Ed Ziomek » Sun Apr 25, 2010 3:26 am

We are all immigrants to the Americas. Even within the populations we call “Native Americans”, there are ancient myths and legends of vast migrations from distant lands and oceans.

America is still the dream place to come to, and represents some semblance of individual freedoms and livelihoods, under the umbrella of a Justice System that should protect all of us, but too often does not!

On the management side of this great nation, we have central government issues responsible for national and international processes of governance and protection. And of course, a fundamental feature of our founding fathers stipulations were the sacred rights of governance and control granted to individual States. The idea of course, was to insure that State responsibilities were not to be infringed upon by the central government, the Federal government of the United States, in Washington. And vice verse.

Immigration Bill passed by Arizona
In my opinion,and relying solely on newspaper accounts, this new legislation passed by the State government of Arizona tries to subvert that process of separation of State/Federal government powers and responsibilities.

The governor of Arizona actually pre-ambled her speech by stating something like (paraphrased) “The government in Washington has failed for decades trying to resolve the illegal immigration problem, so the State of Arizona is going to do something about it.”

The Federal government has an Immigration and Naturalization Service, and the State of Arizona is saying “Washington has done a lousy job on immigration, so we are going to take over those responsibilities.”

Yes, I give sincere congratulations on trying to resolve a major and growing problem.

But no, please think about what you are doing. I say the State of Arizona does not have the authority to take over the law enforcement duties for a Federal responsibility.

Do you want the illegal population to stop supporting the Arizona economy by their purchasing power? Do you want the illegal immigrants to stop harvesting your fields?

Does everyone realize that not only does this allow illegal’s to be arrested, but there will be an imposition of a $500 fine. This is the first step towards profitizing the arrest and incarceration of thousands of citizens of other countries, who are trying to re-establish their lives in America.

These are desperate measures that will incite major possibilities of violence and corruption, and family dis-integration. Is this what we need more of?

Let me be brutally frank, here. Every culture has had its bad moments in America. Irish were considered blacks in the 1700s and 1800s. Italians were considered "dark" as late as the 1940s and 50s. The Chinese were run out of parts of California at the turn of the 19-20th Century, and came East to establish Chinatown in New York as a result.

I have even heard the racially-laced quote this month, completely unrelated to this story, "I can't join that country club, I am not WASPY enough." That multi-millionaire is not "white enough" to join.

This latest Arizona episode is just another notch in the racial and cultural divisiveness of America. If allowed to become law, the Bill passed by Arizona is a well-intentioned, but massively catastrophic, draconian measure that will negatively affect the entire United States. State laws cannot over-ride Federal laws and jurisdictions.

Your thoughts on this volatile law?
Ed Ziomek
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Postby Richard Haut » Mon Apr 26, 2010 3:04 am

back in the days of Imperial Russia, when things got a bit tough - poor crops or other hard times - the Tsar's Secret Police, the Okhrana, would stir up old hatreds and begin Pogroms against Jews. The start was signalled by the beating of whip-handles on the cobblestones in the road.

what is being seen with a vengeance in Britain - and apparently to an extent in America - is precisely the same thing.

looking at the deliberately offensive conduct of the British Foreign Office towards the Catholic Church, my view of the "New Racism" is twofold: firstly Britain's feeble and bullying Government is using conduct which precisely recalls the methods of the Okhrana, and those whose lives (or whose sleazy economies) are not going well are looking for someone to blame: and look, there is a Jew, a Muslim, an Irishman, a Chinese, a Pole (or any endless number of others).

Secondly, and more sinister for the populations in Britain and - again - to an extent in the US is the wilful howling at and insulting any organisation or person who may be considered to have any form of moral authority with anybody. Any "alternative voice" is a danger to the corrupt powers that be.

The problem is just how effective it is.

It is a return to the 1930's.

"America is still the dream place to come to" - I totally agree, but for how much longer ?

It is America and Britain which have the problem - they don't like themselves very much these days.

Let's not forget what happened to the Tsar.
Richard Haut
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Mavis Staples -"You are not alone" -wonderful, app

Postby Ed Ziomek » Fri Jul 30, 2010 3:19 am

Ever hear a singer with a new song, that immediately captivates you?

You can't buy this song anywhere, it won't be sold in CDs until September 14, but Host John Schaefer on WNYC's Soundcheck studio captured two live numbers off the upcoming album in a studio interview with Mavis Staples:

"Wrote a Song for Everyone" which is a cover tune from Creedence Clearwater Revival

and the blockbuster new song by songwriter/producer Jeff Tweedy "You are not alone".

There is so much wonderful wailing, weeping guitar by Rick Holmstrom, with deep, painful heart and soul from Mavis Staples, it just floored me.

Here is the website, and you have to hit the "Listen" button, then catch the songs at the 6.26 and 16 minute marks. ... es-studio/

With all the commotion happening in Arizona, with the Federal Judge limiting the State law and authority regarding "visitors" to our land, who are looking for work, for the most part to try and survive, these songs hit so close to home.

I have sent a message to WNYC and Mavis, asking if myself, Ed Z, can be the official first person in the world to purchase this CD, not due out for a month and a half. It will be an instant classic set of Americana blues tunes, I can almost guarantee it.

God Bless the immigrants. God bless all who want to keep the dreams. And God bless this only hope we have, the American people.

And Rich, stay close, brother, haven't heard from you in a while.
Ed Ziomek
Posts: 795
Joined: Tue Jun 07, 2005 8:24 am
Location: Stamford, Connecticut

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