World Cup predictions -NY Daily News: Germany/Spain tops?

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World Cup predictions -NY Daily News: Germany/Spain tops?

Postby Ed Ziomek » Mon Jun 07, 2010 11:37 pm

This Sunday's New York Daily News had a special 48 page pullout on the World Cup 2010, and made an interesting list on the world’s greatest sporting event… OF ALL TIME!

Under the Team Capsule section, written and compiled by Filip Bondy, Hank Gola, Michael Lewis, and Ralph Vacchiano, the percentage criteria for each team was compiled and listed under the header…

“Chances of advancing out of the first round”
Germany 98%
Spain 98%
Italy 95%
Brazil 90%
Argentina 90%
England 90%
Netherlands 85%
Mexico 80%
France 80%
Portugal 60%
Chile 60%
Serbia 60%
Denmark 55%
Paraguay 50%
United States 50%
Slovakia 50%
Switzerland 45%
Cameroon 45%
Uruguay 40%
Ivory Coast 40%
South Korea 40%
Ghana 40%
Slovenia 40%
South Africa 40%
Nigeria 40%
Greece 30%
Australia 30%
Honduras 20%
Algeria 20%
Japan 15%
New Zealand 5%
North Korea 5%

I say these percentages give a fair prediction of who the top contenders are supposed to be.

However, my pick is not in the top three: Brazil. How can you count this country tied for fourth? I say the NY Daily News did Brazil a huge favor, and the insult of being placed fourth will focus this team to win it all.

Of course, the emotional, heartfelt game for me would be South and North Korea. If ever there was a need for a national reconciliation match, not a grudge match, of two long lost brothers, it would be this beautiful event.

A spam cabby once told me, if we didn’t have Sports and silly competitions, all we would have is war… for fun!!!

Anyways, the greatest sporting event on the planet. My money is on Brazil to win it all.
Ed Ziomek
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Postby Richard Haut » Sun Jun 13, 2010 4:28 am

England 1 - USA 1

Brits are still wincing about what Obama has (rightly) had to say about British Petroleum - and now this !
Richard Haut
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Postby Ed Ziomek » Sun Jun 13, 2010 5:34 pm

Rich, good hearing from you.

I think there is no American that would have faulted our own team from losing 4-2 or 3-1, the perception is sincerely, that the Brits have more talent.

But in the American spirit, the greatest thing in the world is to go into a contest being told you are less in talent than your opponent. One, the other guys think they will easily win, and two, our players played with the abandon of nothing to lose.

The first goal against us apparently was a mistake, and the first goal we made was also a mistake. I for one, will not fault anyone for single isolated mistakes, wash them away as even.

But the Brits could not get it together as a team, our goalie was fantastic, (as was Green, let's face it), and our team "held on to survive" the tie.

Ergo, we view it as a win.

Now two games I want to talk about....

Ghana Serbia... The Serbians are probably better individuals, and were rated somewhat higher than Ghana, but they played very poorly, almost waiting for the Ghana players to set up a defense, to mount an offense. Horrible, and Serbia deserved to lose. Ghana played like a team, and won on a penalty shot, I believe.

Germany-Australia, clearly an extremely good team was winning 2-0 when the horrible call red card happened, and it was all over. Poor officiating, but cannot take away from a monstrous machine that the Germans have.

As the Scottish announcer said on ESPN radio, as I was listening, (paraphrased) "I am so impressed how the German team is using one-touch passes, one yards, two yards, and the other team-mate is right there to also do a one-touch pass to another, and another, and the whole field moves as one unit, keeps the other guys always backing up, playing catch-up to a moving target."

That might be the deciding factor. Germany is believing in un-selfish, short one-touch passes, moving as a single unit.

So as for right now, Germany is the unquestioned team to beat, and South Korea by points is also looking very strong.

It's heating up real good!!!
Ed Ziomek
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noise, making us nauseous

Postby Ed Ziomek » Sun Jun 13, 2010 5:57 pm

PS... the background noise is giving us headaches, making us nauseous, and makes viewing and listening very difficult. Very bad.

Vuvuzela drone killing World Cup atmospherefrom Associated Press... ... ?GT1=39011
Ed Ziomek
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Daily News was very accurate

Postby Ed Ziomek » Sun Jul 11, 2010 11:41 pm

Well, the end of the road, Spain wins, wouldn't we all like to go to Spain anywhere, anytime in the next four days or so. Congratulations.

On the predictions, Japan at 15% chance of making it into the Round of 16 was the least likely to be there, and they were, congratulation to them too.

Uruguay was rated at only 40% chance to make it to the sweet 16, and yet they made it all the way to the semifinals, losing to Netherlands 3-2.

Spain was rated at 98% to proceed to the 16s, and then won the cup barely, over Netherlands.

The New York Daily News got it very close. My Brazil was dunced, unfortunately.

But the big winner is Paul-the-Oracle Octupus, who predicted 8 of 8 decisions, mostly involving Germany (correct in both wins and losses) and then in the final, naming Spain to take it all. ... sow,255211

Rich, if you are still listening, the Ghana goal that was disallowed in favor of a free kick, -that missed, the England goal against Germany that was disallowed, the 13 yellows and one Red in this final game, can I admit to being disappointed in this whole World Cup? It was somehow a downer for me.

And as for the Vuvuzelas, does South Africa think it will attract more international television and radio events, because of this event?

Overall, I think it was wonderful for the world, wonderful for Spain, and the audience was measured in the 700-800 million range.
Ed Ziomek
Posts: 795
Joined: Tue Jun 07, 2005 8:24 am
Location: Stamford, Connecticut

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