8, wood such as the Temple of the Past and Present

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8, wood such as the Temple of the Past and Present

Postby Guest » Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:24 pm

two old and new wood, such as Lhasa temple. Old wood, such as the Tibetan temple built in the seventh century, is a Nyingma, located in the northeast behind the Jokhang Temple every year to attend the Jokhang monks in major monasteries to summon Dafa Council, both man and horses are living as the old wooden temple. Later on near the space is small, not conducive to development, to the Fifth Dalai Lama, the Beijing East Road in now to rebuild a new wood, such as Temple.
(do not quite understand, the Fifth Dalai theocracy in power, wood such as the Tibetan Lama Temple, is all important congress venue, why not the demolition ah. abdomen black.)
new alias is also called temple of wood, such as \At first, such as Nimba is the main temple of wood, wood such as the Temple is a sub-temple, and later as Temple is the main temple of wood, wood such as Nimba is a sub-temple. Now wood, such as Nimba, from Naiqiong Temple, Temple and wood such as the Temple Gonggar co-management. Wood such as the temple's annual festival of wood such as ancient Sacred Dance duo is in the Tibetan calendar of December 23 to 29 held, this time we missed to see, if the opportunity arises, we must look.
enter the gate, eyes spending a wall of limestone walls, the cross in the middle of the yard, according to the tall buildings should be the last century, China the fifties and sixties built, when the Repertory Theatre and Food Bureau has regional presence, such as wood Temple, it is the performance hall at Repertory Theatre. To the eighties, Repertory Theatre and Food Bureau have been withdrawn, it became a Tibetan Buddhist Association of the printing house printing workshop and warehouse. (Continued abdomen black: it should be the largest illegal wood, such as temple building it.)

Lhasa, the historic temple, the eight-shaped roof of the building not only destroyed the Tibetan front courtyard after the high-low pattern, the visual is particularly unexpected. Now just lay in the blue sky, reminding a lot of people want to forget this period not be forgotten, and many people are reluctant to bring bring the past.

year can accommodate 500 people chanting of wood, such as Temple, appearance has become a hodgepodge house. Tibetan old carved doors, stained faintly visible.

upper wall near the door, you can see the mottled murals. These murals were painted during the Ming and Qing, the Dalai expansion, once completed painting. Door to the left of the mural is said to describe the Gelug Sect and the story between Gushi Khan, eyes can not see anything.
recall famous phrase: \

truck door and the wood, such as illegally built temples and rubbing between, are knocking on the post, and traces of frescoes.

around the truck parked in the yard, follow the smoke burning sauna heaters, to the west of the compound. Now only the west side of the compound, burning sauna stove wood, such as temple north of the regional return. Other parts of the property of the Tibetan Buddhist Association, the Association became a printing house worker family member courtyard.
lens I chose the one most looks neat area, the lens saith to the sky.

to now as a dividing line where I stand in front of the existing trees as is the temple. Here is a famous story:
\Pandita to view the Buddhist monk's staff, like the God of Wealth repair abdomen at this time, the God of Wealth in the belly out of gold. Therefore, Pandita remodeling Ka Saba miles in this respectfully, as the God of Wealth, and therefore known. It is said that Perhaps the reason the God of Wealth, wantonly destroyed Buddhism in the Zao Lang Darma was closed and the Samye Monastery and other monasteries in Lhasa, and except an enclosed timber such as the Temple. \
heard that the Tibetan God of Wealth I like to drink, so I keep a bottle in the lens lined the iceberg.

I gifted bowl turning from the left corridor through the tube, at the end of that hall. In the post where someone had seen the turning corridor photo, the left wall of the cabinet is still there, filled with debris, but who's shot full of portraits. And we arrived,spam boots, the temple is quiet, only one or two Tibetans to worship.

noon, the monks may have to eat. The second floor hallway and no one.

stone steps in front of the main hall, a large cat in the lunch break, stature and dignified, calm attitude. Temple lions lying next to a nursing, shape quite Western style, and Han different.

blue sky, the thick layer of yellow stone walls, rich red edge Ma grass walls, window eaves fragrant white cloth in the wind whipped. Tenements could not conceal the appearance of the plateau of the charm of this place, anywhere stopped, looked up and there are landscapes.

looked at the roof of the Jing Zhuang
, streamer, thought this ad words: \

Temple Ga Bala
wooden bowl, such as footprints and the king of the underworld are well known, there are people specifically go take pictures. In fact, later we found a lot of statues, especially the protective deities, holding hands are Ga Bala. See more Gaba La, and will not think. After all, the practice is to use the skull devices, or the dead body donated to medical school, and the \
【regret: midday meal, on the second floor is not open, leave it to the next. 】

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