Wikileaks: Internet Terrorism will kill a free Internet

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Wikileaks: Internet Terrorism will kill a free Internet

Postby Ed Ziomek » Mon Nov 29, 2010 4:02 pm

In my previous life, I was part of the internet evolution, and did not realize it. While there were military applications of NSFnet and ARPANET, there was also the French developing a national system of information, simply to replace the massively wasteful paper-telephone-book system.

International direct dial phone was a major advancement, then international direct dial fax, but I credit the French with the first country-wide intranet, and the military X.25 system which ran parallel, followed by the Prodigys, the Andreeson-Mosaic/Netscape, the Vint Cerfs, TCPIP, etc. etc.

It was all well and good and nice and free.

I suggest, however, 20 years later, the Wikileaks document leakage will be the final straw, and will kill the free independent Internet we have all come to enjoy.

This traitorous act, carried on a free internet, is a threat to America and every country in the world, that is my opinion.

Worse than what was done, there is no logical filter explaining what is truth, what is false, and what is deliberate mis-information contained in these documents.

Do the readers know that foreign governments such as North Korea, use a popular US video streaming site, for their own use, not allowing persons like myself to see the contents?

Everyone is aware, of course, that Al Qaeda friendly sites use other software packages to stream beheadings, bombings on marketplaces, and attacks on the west. How? Servers in the United States, and data switching services in the United States, allow them to do it, that is how!

Is everyone aware that the internet can carry wireless cellphone signals that can detonate bombs, remotely? The latest cargo plane bomb incident may have been exactly this type of detonation signaling.

Certainly we are aware that ordinary graphic images, such as ones I use extensively, can be used to embed secret messages.

And the social networks that are predominant on the internet also can be used, and certainly are being used to communicate with operatives that threaten to kill us.

On the lowest end of the scale, I have personally seen blogsites carrying scurrilous, pathetic messages of hate for everything and everybody, the killing of Gays, the killing of Christians, the killing of Jews, the killing of Islamics, defiling religions of all types, - name it, I have seen it.

Lucky for all of us, most are eventually deleted, some are not.

Final Straw: The internet is destroying us?

I think the point has been reached that the American websites, with the American and Western internet hubs, will start putting locks on the internet doors, the intersections, and start proactively searching out the terrorists and traitors that perpetrate these outrages, using our technology.

If you want to spew your hate, your terror, build your own internet.

Free spirited internet I think will be over, should be over if the consequences are killing and destruction.

Two years ago, I think the United States annonced the hiring of at least 5000 cyber sleuths to go after these terrorists, and I think now I understand why. I say hire 20,000 instead.

Vigilance. Proactive Defense. Freedom is not free.
Ed Ziomek
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Postby Richard Haut » Thu Dec 02, 2010 2:22 am

the Wikileaks scandal reminds me very strongly of the Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast - new communication methods being abused.

the Wiki-creep (whatever his name is) did not do this alone. Newspapers are frantic and this was an ideal way of trying to trash the internet. They allowed him to put stolen information in the public domain so they smugly try publishing bits of it.

the "news" that has come out of it so far is hardly fascinating, but the scale of it means that it has tried to damage diplomatic relations and to put many in danger.

the truth is that we have to learn with such powerful forms of communication an to make it impossible for an employee with a grudge to steal so much.

however what nobody except you seems to be asking is whether or not any of the information has been "doctored" before publication - the attempt to govern-by-stealth which is what wikileaks and the media are trying to do is not acceptable since it is a form of coup d'etat. Not protest, but attack.

the military do not like being deliberately endangered - that is why they have guns.

I never agreed with the idea of the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, but to go against and to endanger Western troops and those who help them is something else: it is a political and military stand and it is treason. (The Wiki-creep whining that he was born in Australia is no defence - Australia has been alongside other Western nations from the start).

it is my experience that a significant proportion of "conspiracy theorists" - and many defending what wikileaks are doing pretend that it is against the one-world-government, etc. - have their own agenda.

the internet will survive - wikileaks may not, but never forget that anything and everything that is said by wikileaks should begin with the epithet: wiki-thief.
Richard Haut
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Good results, ominous results

Postby Ed Ziomek » Mon Dec 06, 2010 2:56 am

Rich, certainly more than one person is responsible for the terrorist havoc, way beyond Assange.

Consider 250,000 documents alone. How did one individual do this all by himself, a rookie Private with less than one year in service?

Consider I measured the width of 500 pages of one bolt of paper, from Hammermill, ...I came up with 2 inches of width for 500 pages. At 10 documents per page, 250,000 documents would make the group stand 83 feet tall if stacked one page on top of each other, or 4.34 miles if laid end-on-end. How can one rookie have access to all this impossible SECRET volume, then disseminate it into any meaningful way, all by himself? This is American government property, no one else's.

On the good news side...

First of all, there has been ongoing, decisive, aggressive actions by our government in shutting down the American servers and pay mechanisms. Thank you President Obama, Senator Lieberman, Amazon, Pay Pal, etc.

Second, the French have also shut down this clown, thank you very much.

Third, I believe Sweden I believe has issued an arrest warrant for the Assange creep on the rape charges.

Fourth, Switzerland may be the last refuge for the Wikileaks server, but I believe this country is actively reviewing its policy and acceptability of such a destructive data base.

Fifth, the "Pirate" internet portal will commit techie suicide if it decides to provide access to the terrorists, and will be shut down immediately I am sure.

Sixth, in the last few hours, Assange is now promising some doomsday scenario of unprecedented more destrurctive disclosures if he is arrested, or his data cannot be distributed.

But as of this writing, what can I contribute on the American side? Well, a baffling development from a former politician is that he is considering "running for President". I ask that he put his ambitions aside for the moment, and join with us in finding the traitors and stopping the leaks.

How did this betrayal happen in the first place?

Face value, his timing is horrendous. It's like the Marines have seen too many times under attack... and the Top Sergeant giving the speech, "We've got enemy coming over the wire, we've got enemy inside betraying us, you watch each other's back, then we find out how they got behind us."

We have been warned of this before, something on the lines of... "America will be destroyed by some jackass wrapping himself in a flag and declaring himself a patriot."

"Liberty, Freedom...." posted by "ShakespeareAndMore" ... re=related

This is a critical moment, and I am all for standing behind the President of the United States, and the Congress, and all the State governments. What can I do to help?

Stand up and be counted. Vigilance!
Ed Ziomek
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Interview on the Great Charlie Rose Show: NY Times Editor

Postby Ed Ziomek » Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:43 pm

I never thought I would have to criticize the New York Times for anything. Whenever I could grab a used NY Time front section, off the newstand, or even out of the garbage, just to read it, I felt educated.

Imagine last night's radio show with Charlie Rose on Bloomberg, another value-added media education piece, never wastes my time...

But last night was an interview with Bill Keller, Editor of the New York Times, where I think he gave the most putrid, flaky, non-answer commentary to direct questions I have ever hear.

Imagine what took place: Your home has been ransacked, let's say, and all the personal papers of all failures and scandals and heartbreaks, are being sold on E-bay, and all of it publicized by the New York Times. Your life will never be the same, and now you and your children may be killed as a result.

That is the Wikileaks scenario, only the home is the United States of America, and the personal papers are the highest secrets in this time of war and chaos, where people will die, plausibly your sons and daughters, as tourists or as military personnel, and certainly Tunisians and Egyptians have died as a consequence of these disclosures.

I am suggesting everyone listen to this interview, on the Bill Keller, New York Times decision to publicize Julian Assange's actions of posting the half million secret documents, cables, communications...

Consider these amazing double-talk and messianic quotes... contained in the interview...

From Julian Assange, on 60 Minutes...
"We are not saying that the State Department should have no secrets,that’s not we are saying. Rather we are saying, if there are people in the State Department,who say there is some abuse going on, and there is not a proper internal mechanism for internal accountability, and external accountability, they must have a conduit to get that out to the public, and we are the conduit."

“The people in Afghanistan who are named in the documents are informers, and whatever happens to them, too bad.”

From Bill Keller...
"No knowledge of anyone being killed."

"It would be a real cause for concern if prosecuting meant broadening the interpretation of the Espionage Act or creating some sort of new law that essentially criminalizes the publications of secret information, I think, whether you like Julian Assange or not, whether you admire his agenda or not, I think that is a subject on which American Journalists and people who believe in the First Amendment should come to his defense.”

When Charlie Rose asked Bill Keller if these disclosures were "A good thing or a bad thing"... the response was...

“It seems to have had some tangible impact specifically in Tunisia, and to the extent that whats happening in streets of Egypt, many of the Egyptians have said that they were inspired by what happened in Tunisia, it had a sort of secondary effect in the most profound effect in the Middle East in our lifetime.”

Bill Keller, are you looking for a thank you somewhere, for the chaos that is taking place?

If Julian Assange knew they were Secret Documents and cables, that they were removed illegally, then put this idiot in jail, forever. He is a danger to the whole world, in my mind. Everyone has a right to be a thief, but to resell stolen goods demands JAILTIME!!! He feels entitled to play the role of "conduit" for stolen goods, fine. Enjoy Jail for life.

Julian Assange claims that the persons in Afghanistan, named in Wikileaks, and consequently endangered by their disclosures, who helped the United States are "Informants", "deserve what they get." Fine.
Enjoy jail for life.

Why does Bill Keller champion the First Amendment rights of an Australian? Why not champion the First Amendment rights of Yemen killers, or Ethiopian thieves?

Are the dubious rights of an Australian thief more important than the stolen, Secret, Confidential property of the State Department and the United States Military?

Shame on you Bill Keller and the NY Times, you are turning tabloid garbage.

In my opinion, you put your twisted pathetic views of "jounalism" on a higher plain than the interests and protection of the people and government of the United States.

No surprise, folks, correct me if I am wrong, but I hear the NY Times is going bankrupt. Never read it again.
Ed Ziomek
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Muntadar al-Zaidi... World Hero of the Common People?

Postby Ed Ziomek » Fri Feb 11, 2011 1:05 am

Muntadar al-Zaidi

The shoe guy.

God Bless you. Allah bless you. Forever.

By the way, I cannot tell others to do what you did. It is not a good idea. It is never a good idea. They, and anybody else who tries what youd idd will be killed, I am sure.

But you did it, anyways, and I will never, never, forget your quote, "For the women and children of Iraq."

And maybe you changed the world. God Bless you, wherever you are. Allah blesses you.

Humanity thanks you, prays for you.

Please don't do it again.
Ed Ziomek
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