OBAMA & the DONALD TRUMP AFFAIR- a perspective.

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OBAMA & the DONALD TRUMP AFFAIR- a perspective.

Postby WalkerARCHITECTS » Fri Apr 29, 2011 5:17 pm

In Seattle we have a lot of rain. Which empowers a lot of conversation about the weather. After all we must have something to talk about which is devoid of actual content that might lead to a religious or political conversation, which are somewhat avoided here, at parties, or casual meetings. Lots of talk about the economy. I do not recall however any conversation about birth certificates here in Seattle. We are after all way out of touch here in the Northwest.

The issue regarding the presidents birth certificate is the kind of conversation we avoid in Seattle, we simply know better. President Barack Obama's birth certificate, unfortunately is not the only document about his personal life that has been under scrutiny, in the public domain just this last week. As we understand it, Investigative journalist Heather Smathers, writing in the weekly Arizona Independent, has brought to light other documents about Obama's father, Barack Obama senior.

It turns out that this important matter, is fairly well developed by the brilliant journalists at the Arizona Independent. These documents, written by US immigration and university officials (and available online )( http://www.scribd.com/doc/54015762/Bara ... ation-File), offer a fascinating, look at Obama senior's treatment by Americans, (apparently that means all of us), and may even offer insight into why he did not complete his doctoral studies at Harvard University.
Smathers made a Freedom of Information Act request for the US immigration service file to obtain the reports on Obama senior. Shocking details were revealed! As Andrew Rice writes in Capital New York, the file reveals that officials had a heightened interest in Obama senior's relations with white women.

As a white male I am deeply concerned personally since I also relations with white women. Here are sections of the files and commentary from the Guardian, starting with 1961 memo with a statement from a Mrs McCabe, a foreign student adviser at the University of Hawaii:

Mrs McCabe states that Subject [Obama senior] has been running around with several - since he first arrived here and last summer she cautioned him about his playboy ways. Subject replied that he would 'try' to stay away from the -. In Seattle, even in the 1960’s, - were not a big issue, that university advisors concerned themselves with.
Also discussed in the shocking memo is Obama senior's earlier Kenya marriage. The memo says that "polygamy is not an excludable or deportation charge," but still states that that "the Subject be closely questioned before another extention is granted -- and denial was considered." Clearly, there were serious issues that would polarize and deeply alter the character of the yet unconceived fetus! We understand that such information is common subject matter in Arizona, we lack such sophistication here, in the land of Northern Exposure very few of us could work that into a conversation.

Obama senior is referred to within as "a slippery character" in the memos and, as the Guardian observes,...his relationships with several women are discussed and investigated, while the question of Obama senior's "marital problems" are repeatedly raised – in an era when interracial marriage was still illegal in many parts of the US. I do remember that interacial marriages were taboo in the 1960’s, but really do not understand the relevance in 2011 of these long past events to the American political landscape. I am hoping other forum members can illuminate my ignorance with cogent discourse.

Obama senior is the rotten apple tree, appears to be the theme, popular in the sophisticated party scene on the East Coast and in the Sun Belt. In the memos, immigration officials press for more details on Obama senior's marriages and relationships, while in a memo dated 19 May 1964 an immigration service official appears to be conspiring with Harvard University to get rid of the student:
"Obama has passed his general exams, which indicates that on academic grounds he is entitled to stay around here and write his thesis; however [Harvard] are going to try to cook something up to ease him out.... They are planning on telling him that they will not give him any money, and that he had better return to Kenya and prepare his thesis at home."
A June 1964 by immigration officials states that Harvard officials were actually trying "to get rid" of Obama senior. His marital status was again singled out, with officials not able "to figure out how many wives he had" and not pleased about this.

Writing in Capital New York, Rice asks if Obama senior was "eased out" of the US and of Harvard precisely because of his relationships with white women:
But as someone who has spent a lot of time studying post-colonial Africa -- and particularly the fascinating and emblematic story of our president's tangled lineage -- I was most interested in how the file did shed some light on a real mystery, the one that inspired Barack Obama Jr. to write a book about his absent father, one of his earliest steps into public life. Why did the president's father leave his son, and eventually America, returning to Hawaii for just a single childhood visit?

At Walker Architects we think the story proves, fairly conclusively, that racism drove the president's father from the United States.
We would talk about Donald Trump. But honestly, at the moment I can't think of one good thing to say about him. The fact that anybody would take Trump seriously as a presidential candidate is a monumental national embarrassment. Following, Sarah Palin. and Michele Bachmann, imagine Donald Trump?

Apparently these same 1960’s racist ideas are still fairly popular. The question here in Seattle, where we still have Racism in some Architectural firms, is there really any excuse for the birth certificate scandal? So why would a smart man like Donald Trump, want to be embarrassed? Yet Trump is the new media sensation. Like clown of the year! In the last couple of weeks, he's been interviewed (more like slobbered over) on "Good Morning America," "Today," NBC News, CNN, "The View," Bill O'Reilly, Geraldo Rivera, and "Fox and Friends" (a new low for just about anyone), among many other shows. Trump is everywhere you look, and he only talks about one issue: Obama's birth certificate. So as a consequence Mr. Trump is now destined to be openly scourged as a racist.
It's bad enough that networks devoted any airtime to this issue. There was no significant substance and the attack on the presidents father is simply sick. It's worse that they give Trump airtime to spout such nonsense about it. He has a lot of respect as a business man. I have read his book. He accuses Obama of never releasing his birth certificate. That's a lie.
The Obama campaign posted it online, for the whole world to see, on June 13, 2008. He says even Hawaiian officials question its authenticity. That's a lie. Hawaii health department officials examined the document and declared it "a valid Hawaii state birth certificate." He says nobody remembers growing up with Obama in Hawaii. That's a lie. Obama's been photographed playing golf with former schoolmates. Donald Trump you’re a victim of a disinformation conspiracy.

Now Trump says Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie claims he was in the room when Obama was born. That's another lie. Abercrombie, who attended the University of Hawaii with Obama's father, merely confirmed he was in Honolulu when baby Barack was born -- yet saw him for the first time, with Obama's parents, just a couple of days later. Here in Seattle this is not acceptable conduct. We must ask our selves is Donald Trump a person who really believes this stuff -- does anyone really believe it? -- that the birth announcements in two Honolulu papers were part of a conspiracy to enable a newborn Kenyan to run for president of the United States someday? REALLY!

We think "racism" is really the right word for the bureaucratic attitudes and actions these documents about the presidents father contain. We know racism was embedded in our society in the 1960’s. Although there are no use of slurs or harsh language, certainly there are lies and the associated damage. What I think the documents about the Obama family reveal, though, is a subtle, institutionalized conspiracy that in a way seems more insidious than overt cross-burning racism.

Donald Trump has no place in this kind of political circus. In the 1960’s, surely none of the participants thought of their actions as discriminatory.. In that sense, the file on Obama’s father, is an instructive artifact, not just of our president's biography, but of our nation's history of conflicted attitudes about race, foreign cultures, intermarriage and sex. But Mr. Trump is not a member of that 1960’s society.

There is a "subtext of miscegenation" in these memos, with their constant emphasis, if not a fixation, on Obama senior's personal life -- just as, in the midst of fighting three wars, addressing the jobless rate and the recession and quite a lot more, Republicans have just not been able to let go of inquiring about the President's personal life, down to needing visual proof of his actual birth certificate.

For those of you who've been vacationing offshore, Orange County endured another embarrassment in recent days when a Republican Party official distributed an email with an image depicting President Barack Obama and his parents as chimpanzees, and then, at least temporarily, angrily defended the stunt as non-racist. In Seattle we have the good sense to avoid the pit falls of distorted perceptions about race, politics and religion.

The public may be entertained by the sideshow aspect of Donald Trump, sadly disinformation is part of the national character of wealthy conservatives in the United states, but at the end of the day, when you have got issues of budgets and deficit and debt, you want to know that you have an adult in the White House. Republicans have a problem, "Once you have been revealed to be a carnival barker, it's hard to claim any real victory. Karl Rove's assessment places him in rare agreement with Obama who, after releasing his long-form Hawaiian birth certificate, lashed out at the "carnival barkers" who questioned his citizenship.

“I heard everybody wanted to see it and I was the only one that got him to (release it)," he told CNN's John King. (unfortunately that is a false statement) Trump claims he would prefer to talk about more weighty matters, like how China is "ripping us off" and how OPEC nations "don't respect our leadership." Perhaps Walker Architects has some common ground with Mr. Trump after all, but his pursuit of Obama's background — now questioning Obama's academic credentials, is discouraging to even open minded Seatlites. He claims to have "heard" Obama was a poor student at Occidental College and asked to see transcripts from Columbia University and Harvard University. REALLY!

We are not perfect in Seattle, but we do know when to shut up!
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Postby 88 » Sat Apr 30, 2011 10:34 pm

About China...if the iphones were to made in Germany or California it might cost $5000 a piece.
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Re: OBAMA & the DONALD TRUMP AFFAIR- a perspective.

Postby WalkerARCHITECTS » Sat Aug 27, 2011 6:59 pm

I-Phones might be a great deal more costly if made in Germany or California, but only because we do not have forced or slave labor there, like we do in China. So although it is an interesting response rhetorically speaking, it is also somewhat of a vacation from the point we are trying to make. Sadly too many fail to realize that in China in the Urban Centers the average wages are $1.32 per hour! The wages fall to 0.82 dollars per hour in the villages. The majority of the big businesses in China are owned and operated by the nation state, not private citizens or investors without government association. This is not free trade as we understand it.

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