Transforming Architecture

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Transforming Architecture

Postby kurtzikler03 » Tue Aug 09, 2005 6:52 pm

now i'm doing my thesis about transforming architecture....not many reference i can get..

transforming is like Mitos, for this moment, building can't transform to another form with different function.....but it already hv done in the film n in science fiction..what we think if building can transform like Transformers??? :o ..and it maybe could happen in 20 or 40 years's actually about the reality and illusion of time...(base on theory of time)

back to my thesis, i hv already done research on transforming, in terms of nature, science fiction, history, typology n technology.......and the results is...transforming is happen with the aspect of kinetics and movement.....

my 1st issue is about the need of space in urban is about, we don't hv enough space if we want to construct single building with single function....

2nd issue is about the waste of space in our building, especially in office building...this what had happen in urban development much building but not many office space is use...

from my researh, i try to scope down my study about the technology, it's about the combination of hydraulic, kinetic, magnetic and sensor system to make my thesis can be truly success...."TRANSFORMING".....and i relate it to my issue that i say above.....

for this time moment, the building that use the kinetic, sensor or magnetic system, just their component can moving or can do the rotation...and it's not truly change the form n function....

it's so hard to translate from imagination to realistic thing....

i need some help, opinion or suggestion from u alll???? i'm very appreciate it...
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Hope to hear from you, associate!!!

Postby gosha » Fri Aug 19, 2005 3:19 pm

Sorry for so late reply... I'm happy to find really like-minded person here! I'm deeply fascinated with a quite same architectural vision.

My master degree thesis title was "real-time adaptation of a building: bionic aspect".

And one of the essential parts of my basis was, as you wrote, "2nd issue is about the waste of space in our building, especially in office building...this what had happen in urban development much building but not many office space is use... "

I think, this field, concerned with transformation, adaptation (in the biological sence of this term) and other similar phenomenons of activity, is our inevitable future. On the one hand, I'm scared with this inevitability, on the other hand - inspirated with it...

Moreover, now I'm intending to establish a kind of a network (forum, E-Zine, mailing list?) to connect a number of young architects, working in this field... what do you think about it?

(Also - do you know any other people, inspirated with the same conception?)

Of course, you are welcome to ask any informaton I have, and I'll be glad to discuss any statement of you thesis.

Hope to hear from you, Gosha.
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Kinetic Architecture

Postby KineticArchitect » Fri Jan 28, 2011 12:27 pm

you might like this website with many examples of kinetic architecture
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Re: Transforming Architecture

Postby Helenni » Tue Jun 18, 2013 5:31 am

what a funny and awsome topic! Very interesting .
atually, I have thought about that, what the best thing it is , if the houses could be transformered,even moved on the circumstance of earthquake, flood or any else big disaster :D all the people can be survived, also our property can be saved without any huge loss.
but, to duild such a cool building,so difficult and unthinkable, no matter on the design,money,but also the feasibility of the actual.
Depending on the recent thechnology and situation, this " transforming architecture" really could be a good thesis title, controversial and stunning, good luck to you .

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Re: Transforming Architecture

Postby seraphatar » Tue Nov 19, 2013 5:28 pm

AS with my previous post,

Look at the Milwaukee Museum of Art by Calatrava or the rotating skyscrapers by a British architect whose name escapes me but whose building are going to be built in Dubai.

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