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Some conversations are really not meant - or shouldn't be meant - for the whole design community, even though they may be posted that way...

Postby P.C. » Fri Jan 25, 2008 8:19 pm

But usarender ; you are not strong you are yellow, you lie, hide behind fake names, you are obsessed by evil doings, that's not strong it's yellow.
And it is all in your mind.
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Postby usarender » Fri Jan 25, 2008 8:21 pm

There you have it, the lies go on again, in an unending barrage of deceit, distortion of facts and harassment, playing the victoms of what they themselves are guilty of (typical behavior of web harassment criminals)---->>


-"arrogant criminals" - a reflection of the one who made the statement.

-"you create you own hell by the same evil doings". This you are doing indeed, and you are blinded by this hell you are creating for everyone. I see you are some sort of believer in "hell on earth", further bringing to reality the images you are projecting in your mind. According to the theory of projection, shatever we visualize, we project and we create in our reality.

-"Their own peppered imaginations secure them a place in hell" - Wow, these guys now impress me ! These fancy monkeys now borrow words from religion as "go to hell", "pray sinner" and on and on, in an effort to intimidate those they believe have religious connections and thus their own jargon can be used against them. These blind fools persist in their folly and transgression, which is ever growing in scale and size on these forums. False accusations, lies, distortion of the issues and on they go.

Ask to who is stupid enough , to write a 12 bit number as if it is a magic spell , believe in demons and is only occupied with harming others ,blind to even friendly warnings ,and the head full of worship greed, arranging an imaginary scene with worship of wannabe illusions. --- Imagine anyone who second to that !

More fools talk, who understand not what he says or the meaning of the words, or his own, for that matter.

-"Only occupied in harming others" - more lies and distortion of the issues.

-"Friendly warnings" - vague, not true by any chance. There is no "friendly fire" in such lies. (Ever heard of friendly fire in a war?)

-"My advise to pray is an honest advice" - ya, right. And are you praying? Why advise others to pray if you yourself are not willing ?

-"Pray sinner before it is too late" - sounds like now some of those fake words in an attempt to judge others with "better then thou" terminology, trying to copycat the religious freaks, in order to scale some soul who they believe can be tormented with the "lies of religious freaks", as they so falsely believe. Sounds like one of those scenes from Indiana Jones or some movie, where the guy cries "pray sinner", before he throws the other into the blades of the ship, to be torn to pieces. Their time will come.
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Postby usarender » Fri Jan 25, 2008 8:27 pm


-"you are not strong."
-"you are yellow."
-"you lie".
-"you hide behind fake names".
-"you are obsessed by evil things"

The never ending stream and barrage of harassment goes on --->> Typical behavior of those guilty of web harassment.

Beyond their hate crimes, these individuals such as <everyone knows who guy who has been harassing me in these forums> are using Cyber Stalking techniques, among others, to further harass and slander other forum members -->>

Cyber-Stalking, a Crime

Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk someone.

It has been defined as the use of information and communications technology, particularly the Internet, by an individual or group of individuals, to harass another individual, group of individuals, or organization. The behavior includes false accusations, monitoring, the transmission of threats, identity theft, damage to data or equipment, the solicitation of minors for sexual purposes, and any form of aggression. The harassment must be such that a reasonable person, in possession of the same information, would regard it as sufficient to cause another reasonable person distress.[

Stalking is a continuous process, consisting of a series of actions, each of which may be entirely legal in itself. Lambèr Royakkers writes that:

"Stalking is a form of mental assault, in which the perpetrator repeatedly, unwantedly, and disruptively breaks into the life-world of the victim, with whom he has no relationship (or no longer has), with motives that are directly or indirectly traceable to the affective sphere. Moreover, the separated acts that make up the intrusion cannot by themselves cause the mental abuse, but do taken together (cumulative effect)."[2]

CyberAngels has written about how to identify cyberstalking:

When identifying cyberstalking "in the field," and particularly when considering whether to report it to any kind of legal authority, the following features or combination of features can be considered to characterize a true stalking situation: malice, premeditation, repetition, distress, obsession, vendetta, no legitimate purpose, personally directed, disregarded warnings to stop, harassment, and threats.[3]

A number of key factors have been indentified:

* False accusations.

Many cyberstalkers try to damage the reputation of their victim and turn other people against them. They post false information about them on websites. They may set up their own websites, blogs or user pages for this purpose. They post allegations about the victim to newsgroups, chat rooms or other sites that allow public contributions, such as Wikipedia or[4]

* Attempts to gather information about the victim.

Cyberstalkers may approach their victim's friends, family and work colleagues to obtain personal information. They may advertise for information on the Internet, or hire a private detective. They often will monitor the victim's online activities and attempt to trace their IP address in an effort to gather more information about their victims. [5]

* Encouraging others to harass the victim.

Many cyberstalkers try to involve third parties in the harassment. They may claim the victim has harmed the stalker or his family in some way, or may post the victim's name and telephone number in order to encourage others to join the pursuit.

* False victimization.

The cyberstalker will claim that the victim is harassing him. Bocij writes that this phenomenon has been noted in a number of well-known cases.

* Attacks on data and equipment.

They may try to damage the victim's computer by sending viruses.

* Ordering goods and services.

They order items or subscribe to magazines in the victim's name. These often involve subscriptions to - potential abuse - or ordering sex toys then having them delivered to the victim's workplace.

* Arranging to meet.

Young people face a particularly high risk of having cyberstalkers try to set up meetings between them.[6]


Cyberstalkers meet or target their victims by using search engines, online forums, bulletin and discussion boards, chat rooms, Wikipedia, and more recently, through online communities such as MySpace, Facebook, Friendster and Indymedia, a media outlet known for self-publishing. They may engage in live chat harassment or flaming or they may send electronic viruses and unsolicited e-mails. [7] Victims of cyberstalkers may not even know that they are being stalked. Cyberstalkers may research individuals to feed their obsessions and curiosity. Conversely, the acts of cyberstalkers may become more intense, such as repeatedly instant messaging their targets. [8]

More commonly they will post defamatory or derogatory statements about their stalking target on web pages, message boards and in guest books designed to get a reaction or response from their victim, thereby initiating contact. [7] In some cases, they have been known to create fake blogs in the name of the victim containing defamatory or - potential abuse - content.

When prosecuted, many stalkers have unsuccessfully attempted to justify their behavior based on their use of public forums, as opposed to direct contact. Once they get a reaction from the victim, they will typically attempt to track or follow the victim's internet activity. Classic cyberstalking behavior includes the tracing of the victim's IP address in an attempt to verify their home or place of employment. [7]

Some cyberstalking situations do evolve into physical stalking, and a victim may experience abusive and excessive phone calls, vandalism, threatening or obscene mail, trespassing, and physical assault.[7] Moreover, many physical stalkers will use cyberstalking as another method of harassing their victims.

Lack of Supervision leads to further abuse by these people -->>


Second, electronic forums can often lack supervision. While chat hosts regularly observe the dialog in some chat rooms in an effort to police conversations and evict offensive individuals, personal messages sent between users are viewable only by the sender and the recipient, and therefore outside the regulatory reach of the cool authorities. Furthermore, there are no individuals to monitor or censor offensive content in electronic mail or text messages sent via computer or cellular phone. Teenagers often know more about computers and cellular phones than their parents and are therefore able to operate the technologies without worry or concern that a probing parent will discover their experience with bullying (whether as a victim or offender).

These people as one forum member (everyone knows who I am referring to), guilty of the most serious of crimes -->>

Harassment by computer

Perhaps the laws in their countries have not caught up with the times, or they are ignorant of such laws.

A further investigation into the subject is called for on this forum, and all evidence can easily be used in a lawsuit against the perpetrators of these crimes.

The difficult thing now is, when they use such techniques of deception, for other forum members and readers to be able to tell who is the "guilty"one, who is perpetrating the hate crimes, as their techniques, as shown above, cause them to pretend they are the VICTUMS, thus further - scam spam - their chance of defaming, harassing, and slandering their victums.

The forum members, on the other hand, stand back in disgust and amazement, as what appears to be an online fight goes on.

The true nature of this offense is being slowly revealed. Those who truly look into this matter, and if needed, in a court of law, will discover the true perpetrator of this most serious of crimes.

And, every effort is being made in these forums to expose these individuals for what they really are and for what they have done and continue to do. No stone should be left unturned, in exposing such online offenses in these forums and the lies devised by their perpetrators.
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Postby Antisthenes » Fri Jan 25, 2008 8:44 pm

i agree it is all in your mind and it does the forum a disservice

please stop usarender
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Postby usarender » Fri Jan 25, 2008 9:02 pm

Antisthenes is now siding with PC in a coordinated effort of distortion of issues and words.

Your behavior is very clear -->>

Words being distorted - the source

(To view the link, simply click on the blue letters above).

These were my words -->>

usarender wrote:
And, the attacks of some of these web demons :evil: may seem to have ceased for a while, but they will be back again, harassing us and monkey wrenching topics. Their behavior is quite predictable. They lay dormant for a while, then come back with furry like a bat out of hell, accusing and slandering. More will be back to accuse and attack these and other posts I have composed. Like bees attracted to honey, like bears missing their cub, like a tiger with no food for month, they come to devour and destroy.

and Antisthenes responded, distorting these words to mean something else -->>

Antisthenes wrote:just write him off as stupid and stop replying to him he believes in 'demons' and take a English grammar class.

Just look now how Antisthenes is distorting the issue, becoming quickly a web :twisted:

And now you two claim it is all in my mind ?

These web crimes will not go un-observed. Since he signed up for this design community late last year, Antisthenes has been engaged at one time or another in opposing usarender as well. So no surprise now to see him side with PC.

Birds of a feather flock together, as the saying goes.

And now both Antisthenes and PC try to paint a picture it is all in the mind of usarender, quite a convenient picture, but this further attempt to bury and hide the crimes of harassment and call them all illusion is not convincing. One only need to do some research on this matter, on the posts being made over the last few months, to see the HUNDREDS of lies which have been devised, and continuous harassment and deception, and confusion of the issues.

This type of behavior cannot be tolerated on the DC forum and should you two continue in your harassment, distortion of issues, and lies, I really feel action needs to be taken, so that this behavior does not continue, nor spread to other forum areas.

This is clearly web harassment, not simply something someone is dreaming up. In fact, it can be noted, in the article on web harassment, that only the victum of web harassment can recognize the harassment, due to the clever way it is disguised, and mixed in the different forum topics over a large time frame. And Antisthenes, therefore, has not been around long enough to detect it, nor are his posts frequent enough to indicate he has been following this.

Therefore, Antisthenes is in no position to judge whether this is a case of web harassment or not. Therefore, this further proves how he is only attempting to side with PC, being himself in no position to observe and judge this case of web harassment entirely from direct contact point of view.
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Postby Antisthenes » Fri Jan 25, 2008 9:42 pm

i would side with anybody against you in the hopes of everybody coming away with a peaceful resolution, even you

you put forth allot of dogma shrouded in pseudo science and meaningless language and using the lie word so often means you have very little understanding of relativity. absolute moral judgment puts you where you are.

observation free from judgment is the highest form of human intelligence, if you feel i passed any judgment on you i am sorry and if you point out where your disagreements with the ideas of PC, who speaks poor English started i will take the time to read it

but honestly i think both of you need a time out, a vacation from here and each other.

on a lighter note how is your virtual universe project going any transparency available?
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Postby P.C. » Fri Jan 25, 2008 10:25 pm

I think you are right, throw out the criminal And the victim --- what a great and visionary aproach. I wonder how you would feel after being harassed for years.
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