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Postby Stonewallmary » Fri May 29, 2009 1:55 pm

I am the Future in Architecture when it comes to Nature!

NOTICES: Salutations;

To all Investors, Developers, and regular folk tired of the same old stile of home & business structures. Only to find you can’t sell do to the mundane & repetitive design rut the Architectural Community has been in for the last 30 odd years? Want a designer that can plan for anything & brake through to a NEW EVOLUTION in ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN.

I am ready to step up & create standards of building design no other has thus far & where the IBC, and Local Codes have not.

OBJECTIVE: To CONVINCE you, the INVESTOR, the ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING FIRM, and all Others that apply, I HAVE A DESIGN IDEA addressing issues that THE IBC AND LOCAL CODE HAVE NOT. I BASED this opinion on the FACT that if you LOOK(ING) AT Homes & Businesses in TORNADO ALLIE, they are still crumbling do to Tornadoes & no revisions in site. As well as the fact that we are still selling windows & doors in these areas without Shutters that “Lock In” to the frame system. (Lumber costs go up do to board up!). Furthermore, we have NEW ORLEANS, TSUNAMIS, AVALANCHES of earth or snow, and VOLCANOES & FLOODS.

MY VISION: with the right team of engineers is to;

1) Built a home or business in tornado alley, and know that after a category 5 tornado goes through my structure stands 75% to 100% better chance it will still be standing.
2) Have a home built in the 2000 ft above sea level with no cares if you became snowed in or warriors of suffering “Cabin Fever”.
3) Know in flood zones with life pods in place in everyone's backyard, no one would have to die from floods anymore. As while as with my new foundation system in place home and business has 75% to 100% better chance of no water damage to the structure.
4) Create for you the Investor a impenetrable resort, hotel, or home along the coast lines where tsunamis are prevalent.

Eliminate the endless cost of Mother Natures furry. No more boarding up windows, packing sandbags, NO MORE NATURAL DISASTER ZONES do to everyday weather for that particular reign

These are just a fraction of what I have in mined. The Keywords being “Environmental Survival” of said structure.
NOTE: Elements being, wind, water, Tornado, Tsunami, land erosion, lava, tidal waves, fire, avalanches, extra.
For me Environmental Survival means:
To build a structure that in design according to the environment with witch it must exist in. Thereby insuring it's further existence even after being subject to the elements that be.

Virtually no one, not even the IBC, UBC, or Local Codes have addressed the issues when arguing the cost to the American tax payer or the ever increasing insurance cost do to deficient configuration of buildings for the elements that be. Lute alone the ecological damage to the surrounding area. Every year to board up, sand bag, and rebuild do to inadequate structural design. Buildings being built disregarding the environment with witch they are intended.

With our renewable resources running out, you have to ask yourself how much longer will they last rebuilding what should have never fallen. If proper building practices were in place that addressed the environment with witch their in & the elements that be, we would not have losses year after year. How many homes could we have built with those same resources used to board up and/or rebuild every year.


I have found a new way of Architectural Thinking. To build with nature and not against it, to allow the elements and the building to flow as one, nether one upsetting the others path or existence. Harmony
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