Dream of a new Pope...

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Dream of a new Pope...

Postby Kevin » Mon Feb 11, 2013 5:33 pm

With Pope Benedict XVI to resign on February 28, I am dreaming again of a new Pope, much as I did back in 2005:

The first of the Science Popes.

I am dreaming that the assembled cardinals will decide to go with a billion Catholics boldly into the future, choosing to revitalize their church by selecting a visionary Pope for a new millennium.

Once in office, this new Pope would dramatically reverse several hundred years of futile intellectual warfare against science, and instead, fully embrace it. Liturgy would be understood as rich cultural metaphor with the deepest kind of historical roots and most powerful psychological/historical significance.

Coupling that traditional depth with its global organization and the new proactive embrace of documented and ever-unfolding reality, as shown by science - connecting science and spirit - the Catholic Church would reverse its long-term decline in the first world, and become an unparalleled force for human health, dignity, respect, love, peace, community, and spiritual fulfillment.

The number of Catholics worldwide would easily double or triple or more within a generation, and the new Pope would be known not just as a great leader of the church, but as one of the handful of greatest leaders in recorded human history.

An amazing new force for a global morality based on facts, observation, and understanding would have emerged — possibly just in time to bring crucial help to our generations' urgent work of saving live on Earth as we know it.
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Re: Dream of a new Pope...

Postby Richard Haut » Tue Feb 12, 2013 3:43 pm

That is a very interesting notion - of course the current Pope is a traditionalist and has never pretended to be anything else.

Who is likely to be the new Pope ? My guess is that it may be Angelo Scola.

A "science" Pope ? No, something else - Scola comes from a very ordinary background - he is concerned with those things which affect ordinary people in their lives - how one can reverse the decay in Western/European culture.

That decay has affected religion and science - just as it has affected the economy, the family and so many other aspects of life. Scola may not be a science Pope but he could lay the groundwork for what comes after.

"human health, dignity, respect, love, peace, community, and spiritual fulfillment" - religion and science both striving for that would be worth seeing.
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